Ambulance pervert jailed for camera phone prank 146


By Michael MacLeod
AN EMERGENCY worker who pointed his camera phone at a patient’s private parts as she lay half-naked in the back of his ambulance has been jailed for four months.

Scott Jenkins, 30, laughed at the girl as she lay with her trousers and underwear around her ankles during the humiliating prank.

The father-of-two jested that the 25-year-old patient looked like “a badly packed kebab.”

And although his colleague was unsure if a picture was actually taken, she was so disgusted that she reported him to bosses at the Scottish Ambulance Service, who immediately suspended him and called in cops.

The whistleblower was yesterday (THURS) praised by the sheriff who sent him down.

Sheriff Andrew Lothian described the incident as “one of the grossest breaches of trust possible.”

Jenkins says he understands he’ll now be sacked after three years working with the Scottish Ambulance Service.

His lawyer said Jenkins was “ashamed” of his actions, which had “a devastating effect on his family.”

But when Sheriff Lothian was told that some ambulance colleagues had signed a letter of SUPPORT for Jenkins, he threw down his pen.

He bellowed: “That is one of the most distasteful aspects of this whole case.”

Sick Jenkins, of Balfron Loan, Edinburgh, initially denied the charges of sexual breach of the peace at Edinburgh Sheriff Court, but was found guilty during a trial last month.
During the day-long trial last month the court heard from Ruth Anderson, a 28-year-old technician who was originally sent to treat an unconscious girl.
She and paramedic Paul Laing, 41, arrived at Holyrood Road in Edinburgh during the early hours of Sunday February 10 in a small response unit.
They found the girl in an unresponsive state and asked for an ambulance to attend and Jenkins arrived along with a partner.
But when the woman – thought to be drunk – said she needed to urinate and pulled her trousers and underwear down to her ankles Jenkins made an inappropriate joke about the patient’s privates.
She told the court: “Scott Jenkins made a comment saying ‘For f*** sake check out that, it’s like a badly packed kebab.’”
Miss Anderson said she then saw Jenkins stood up with his mobile phone held out in front of him, in a horizontal position as if to take a picture.
She said he was crouched down and had it pointed at the stricken girl – who still had her bottom half exposed.
The girl – who has not been traced – stirred and then got up and left the ambulance.
But after speaking to a colleague, Miss Anderson decided to make a formal complaint and Jenkins was suspended and charges were brought against him.

His defence agent, Mr McNair, said Jenkins now realised why she reported him.

He said: “He is under no illusions of the gravity of the offence of which he was convicted and presents himself as genuinely regretful.

“He takes responsibility for his actions, accepts such behaviour can’t be tolerated and that Miss Anderson was right to complain to the police.
Sheriff Lothian praised Miss Anderson for “doing the right thing when everyone around her was not”.

Sentencing him to four months’ imprisonment, he said: “You were only in this lady’s presence to help her.

“If it was not for the good sense of one of your colleagues to speak out, this would have been swept under the carpet and forgotten about.

“This is one of the grossest breaches of trust possible.”

Jenkins’ wife burst into tears as he was led away, and had to be helped from the court room by friends.
A spokesman for the Scottish Ambulance Service said: “Disciplinary proceedings were already convened prior to the outcome of the court proceedings. These will now be brought forward.”

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  1. Harsh?
    I do think this seems very extreme to send this paramedic to jail, I really don’t understand how our legal system can let a police officer away with head butting a bouncer, let two men off with kicking a puppy to death, never mind the countless other crimes that are committed such as a case, also heard by Sheriff Andrew Lothian, where a lad was twice the legal limit while driving dangerously and only received community service? I should say that I know Sheriff Lothian was not happy with this lesser plea but it all just seems completely out of proportion to me. I absolutely agree that Scott Jenkins actions were unethical and inappropriate but I would feel a lot stronger about it if it had been the case that a patient with a medical illness had been the butt of his joke. At the end of the day, that’s what it was, a tasteless joke with no evidence of a photo actually being taken. I would also wonder why his colleague did not see fit to report this at the time instead of waiting for a further 3 weeks, as a female professional I would have made my feelings known immediately. There are a lot of crimes which seem to be punished unfairly and I’m afraid I think this is one of them. What should have been a reprimand and a release from duties has turned into a criminal sentence for a young guy with a young family. Sad really.

  2. A father of two, wish a good service record is sent to jail for making an inappropriate comment to his colleagues. Is there something else going on here that hasn’t been published?
    I’ve worked in the military and emergency services for over 25 years and had occasion to council and even discipline personnel in order to maintain standards of conduct. The decision to jail this man achieves disruption and disaster, who will ever work with Miss Anderson again?

  3. This whole case has a been a witch hunt with the aim of setting an example, as a colleague of Scott who has known him for 3 years & familar with everyone involved in this case i can state with certainty several points…..
    1. Scott did not make the ‘burst kebab’ comment, heard only by Ruth
    2. Scott did not crouch down in front of the girl & try & take a pic but did already have his phone in his hand before the girl dropped her clothes & tried to urinate on the ambulance chair. He did state & openly admits he made the comment (jokingly albeit in bad taste) ‘do you want a pic’, a stupid comment made during an embarressing moment that he clearly regrets.
    3. Ruth who was apparently so offended by Scotts actions joined in with laughter & a few comments of her own.
    4. the defendant & both witnesses (the main who was never called to give evidence…WHY?) all claim Ruth has committed perjury. Hopefully true justice will prevail.
    5. It took 3 weeks & pillow talk with her policeman boyfriend before this distressed individual (Ruth) made a complaint to police, not providing a verbal statement to police but a prepared typed statement handed over with a copy kept for herself which was given as evidence in court word for word.
    6. Ruth’s evidence contradicts the other 3 involved in the case, the judge believed Ruth but further investigation would prove her styatement to be not only untrue but impossible due to restrictive size/space in the back of an ambulance.

    In summary, for making one stupid comment this fantastic guy who has given his heart & soul to this job dealing with circumstances & individuals you could only imagine has been portrayed as a pervert, lost his job , been spurned by society & given a 4 month jail term. The incompetence of his original lawyer who picked no wholes in the main witness statement, & believe me there were plenty (she couldn’;t even get the chair in which the patient sat down on correctly, & there is only 2 chairs). That & the fact that the main defence witness who was the only person in the ambulance at the time was not even called or evidence given by prosecution not challenged makes this at best a miscarriage of justice. The judge believed the award winning dramatics performance by Ruth, known by all with the privilage of knowing as an out in out liar.

    As a Paramedic of over 10 years having witnessed the Procurator Fiscal dropping charges left right & centre for individuals who have outstanding multiple charges & are nothing but a drain on society bheing let off with real crimes, this truely is a travesty. Scott has been judged & found guiltydue to the perjury of one individual, the press & a judicial system that is a joke.
    It is our hope (myself & many colleagues) that true justice will prevail & the TRUE events of the night come out & that the case of Perjury by the main prosecution witness be addressed. WE LIVE IN HOPE!

  4. I woud like to agree with my colleauge who writes in defence of Scott. Having extensively researched the use of humour by emergency workers, I have discovered that it is in fact vital that our frontline personell use humour to et them throuh the day and prevent burn out. I sat in court and listened to all the evidence. Had Scott been given a trial by jury he would NEVER have been convicted. The statements of all the witnesses varied in many ways therefore there was resonable doubt that the alleged offence took place. What is really interesting though is the third witness who did not see Scott with his camera and who denies hearing Scott make the alleged comment was not allowed to give evidence in court. This same witness is now under investiation by the ambulance service for allegedly purposefuly withholding evidence from the investigation. So an totally innocennt person is bein hounded out of his job because he doesnt agree with the main witness therefore he is a liar. I know Scott Jenkins and his skill as a technician are beyond reproach as is his character. I have been in the emergency medical field for well over ten years and I should be doing a life sentence for some of the things I have said or laughed at. We all need to release stress and tension. What might seem inappropriate to they lay person is normal to us but then your averae man on the street is not delivering dead babies and wandering along train tracks looking for body parts following a suicide. All I can hope and pray that Karma prevails. Too many people have had thier lives ripped apart by this whole situation. I urge you to write to the ambulance service in support of Scott who was not found guilty of anythng worse than allegdly making a rubbish joke which was in fact not proven in court as it was only heard by one witness. And to Scott if you are reading this – you are not alone x

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