ASBO breach for furniture-moving neighbour 227


By Paul Thornton

A NOISY neighbour has breached her ASBO – by rearranging furniture in the middle of the night.

Sonia Menzies, 25, was hit with an anti social behaviour order in August, part of which meant she was to keep the noise at her Edinburgh flat down.

But she was arrested in the early hours of yesterday (Wednesday) after a fed-up resident in the flat below her was kept up by the sound of furniture being pushed around.

She had been woken by the racket and was forced to flee her home, taking her dog for a walk to get some peace, just after midnight.

When she returned she noticed the lights of Menzies’ flat were still on, and the unusual antics were still afoot.

She called the police, who arrested Menzies and when she appeared yesterday (Wednesday) at Edinburgh Sheriff Court she pleaded guilty to a breach of her ASBO.

Her lawyer, Sandra Walker, admitted it had been “unusual behaviour”.

She said: “Miss Menzies had ordered a carpet for her son’s room and it was due to arrive today (Wednesday) and she had to have the furniture cleared by this morning.

“She had started moving the furniture but had fallen asleep and panicked when she woke up in the early hours of the morning and began again.”

Sheriff Alistair Noble said: “This seems to be a lack of consideration for your neighbours.”

He released Menzies on bail and she will be sentenced later this month.

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