1. It’s an interesting idea, but is there really much effort made in the Central Belt region to promote the learning of Gaelic? If not, it’s going to be difficult to be of use to many people at all.


  2. It’s worth mentioning – for the sake of accuracy – that there has been a gaelic social network for quite sometime, in the form of Abair Thusa http://www.abairthusa.ning.com.

    Gaelic Online – http://www.gaeliconline.co.uk – is preparing to pilot google friend connect and facebook connect, and has an inline translation on all navigation and bilingual content – although its author could do with more time to keep it updated 😉 it launched the first ever Facebook and Bebo applications in Gaelic early last year.

    Sith Cafe – http://www.sithcafe.com in Glasgow, also has a social network where Gaelic is encouraged.

    Native speakers and people who have learnt the language are also working hard to keep their language current and alive – sadly without recognition. we have great skills in our Gaelic speaking community, which are sadly underused and unnoticed.

    I hope mygaelic.com is well managed and well used and wish it well.

  3. Did this website ever get off the ground? I remember my grandparents speaking Gaelic and I do not want to lose more than I already have lost.

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