Rape Accused Dies In Edinburgh Jail


HMP Edinburgh Saughton


A MAN accused of raping a woman in Edinburgh in February was found dead in his cell yesterday. (Sun)

Thomas Kryczyk, 26, was awaiting trial for the alleged brutal daylight attack alongside 20 year-old Michal Marchlewski.

The 24-year-old victim was allegedly raped during the ordeal after being pulled off a path in the Dalry area of Edinburgh in broad daylight.

Lothian and Borders Police said the attack began around 3pm on February 17 as the woman walked through a subway and her ordeal did not finish until 10pm. Kryczyk, a Polish national, was found by prison officers around 7.30am and is thought to have committed suicide.

The Australian female victim claims she suffered a horror seven hour rape ordeal after being blinded by a noxious spray as she made her way home.

Sustained assault

She was allegedly dragged into bushes near the underpass where the attackers had allegedly prepared a makeshift den.

Police say she suffered a “sustained sexual assault” which they believe was premeditated.

She eventually escaped around 10pm after bravely talking the thugs into letting her go.

Her ordeal sparked a manhunt for two men, with 30 police officers dedicated to the investigation.

Attacked in broad daylight

The alleged attack took place behind a Lidl supermarket opposite a primary school, a playpark and a 24-hour garage.

At the time of the alleged attack, Eric Milligan, a local councillor and former Provost for the capital said he was “absolutely gobsmacked” that nobody witnessed the attack.

He said: “I find it astonishing that this has happened in broad daylight.

“The tunnel is normally very busy as it is in between one of Edinburgh’s most densely populated and a large cinema and bowling complex.

“Horrible things happen in life but when you hear of an attack like this in a city like Edinburgh you can’t help to be very distressed.

“It does make you wonder if anybody witnessed this, why did they not help the girl?”

The victim did not require hospital treatment but police said she suffered injuries “consistent with the attack.”

A Scottish Prison Service spokesperson said: “Police and Next of Kin have now been informed and a Fatal Accident Inquiry will be held in due course.”

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  1. That is just the worst thing anyone could do to a girl, not only will it hurt her that moment of rape, but for the rest of her life she will never forget the horror of getting raped by 2 polish idiots. Personally i think asll of the polish should go back to there own country
    if they are going to do horrible things like this.

  2. Yo. Daryl.
    You are probably one of the nerds hangin round Edi.
    There is plenty Polish ppl in Scotland. Most of them cool and kind, and how come they all should leave cause of some fool who raped a woman?
    And how come (if they are goin to do horrible things like this)? you think all of us goin to do some shit ?
    Get real.

    • thomas, leave daryl alone he is entitled to his own oppinion just like everyone else is. i think its horrible that she was raped and i think police should punish the people who did it severly. the thing i dont get tho how can nobody have seen that teenagers muck about there all the time myself included so y noone saw i dont understand but nvr mind

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