Britain’s Got Talent Star Susan Boyle On Song For Blackburn


By Cara Sulieman

PROUD neighbours said they always knew Susan Boyle was going to be a star, and often hear her singing through the walls.

They spoke about her with a combination of humour and fondness, and it is clear the entire community is right behind the singing sensation who’s favourite bar tipple is a simple glass of lemonade.

And they’ve already been enjoying her racy stories of threatening to fight Ant and Dec in her red knickers.

Blackburn's Got Talent: Susan
Blackburn's Got Talent: Susan

On a narrow street in a council estate, her home on Yule Terrace is a dark brown pebble-dashed end terrace house.

A battered green gate attached to a broken brown fence leads up an uneven slabbed path to a chipped white wooden door.

It is here that the next big thing lives, in a friendly and welcoming community that is clearly proud of what she has achieved.

A neighbour across the road from Susan, who didn’t want to be named, said: “She’s got a fantastic singing voice.

“Everyone’s heard her, she’s known for it round here. “

She’s a very individual character – but lovely.”

She also revealed how the children of Blackburn have teased the talent show hopeful for years.

She said: “When I was younger we used to call her Susie Bong because we all thought she was a bit mad. It’s terrible really because I now know how kind she is .

“The kids round here still target her.

They run up, ring her doorbell then run away.

“They’re at it all the time.”

One of nine siblings, Susan’s devout Catholic family are all well known in the village.

The neighbour said: “Her whole family are talented. Most of them can sing, and all of them do something artistic. There’s even a magician in the family.”

 It is believed her sister Mary lives in nearby Whitburn and her brother John has just moved to Seafield, also nearby.

The neighbour’s partner, Gary, said that he had chased the local children away a few times.


He said: “The kids round here torment her. It’s not fair, she doesn’t deserve it.

“It’s got worse since her mother passed away.

“In the winter when there’s snow on the ground the house becomes a target for them.

“I’ve chased them away a few times. No matter how different she is she shouldn’t be treated like that.

“We try and help her out as much as we can.

“She’ll come across and chap if she needs anything. I’ve fixed her hoover a few times and things like that.”

But Gary also revealed that there are certain things he has been asked to do that have been a bit strange.

He said: “Once she came across because she wanted her notes fished out of a large whisky bottle.

“She keeps her savings in the house and had put notes inside this bottle and couldn’t get them back out again.

“I’ve a young boy that works with me and just left him to it. He got them out – he’s artistic like that.”

Other neighbours described Brian Smith, 51, who also lives across the road, as the man who knew her best.

Friends for 20 years, he revealed that her mother’s death three years ago had a profound effect on her, and that she’s always struggled a little bit.

He said: “She’s lived in that house all her life. It used to be all of them in there, then all her brothers and sisters moved away and her Dad died. “In the end it was just her and her mum.

When she died Susan took it really badly.

“It’s really good that she’s doing so well on this show, it’s been therapeutic for her.

“She was born with water on the brain and not been quite right since then.

“It’s just small things now and again. I really hope she does well in the competition because she really deserves it and needs it.

“I’ve got to hope and pray that she does everything correctly – I think she will.”

Brian talked about how excited Susan had been before the audition and every step after that.


He said: “She was telling me that Ant and Dec were talking to her, teasing her a wee bit.

“She said to them: ‘I’ve got my red knickers on and when I’ve got them on I’m ready for a fight.’

“That’s the sort of person she is. You never know what she’s going to come out with next.”

Children playing in the street spoke about Susan and the way she frightens some of the kids in the area.

One five-year-old girl said: “Susie Simple is a witch. She does magic in Asdas.”

And at the Happy Valley Hotel just round the corner, where Susan used to perform with her brother, the manager knows her very well.

Although she hasn’t played there for a while, she often pops in for a drink.

Manager Jackie Russell said: “She used to perform here with her brother. That was ages ago now.

“She’s the kind of person who keeps herself to herself. Everybody says she’s got the voice of an angel.

“She’s all excited about the competition. The whole of Blackburn will be watching.

“We don’t usually get talent that goes as far as that.

“The whole family has lovely voices but hers is just amazing. It’s a surprise when she opens her mouth and that voice comes out. She’s well known in the village for what a lovely voice she’s got.

“She’s quite a modest girl, doesn’t really talk about the show and gets really embarrassed when it’s brought up in the pub.”


Jackie also spoke about how she hoped Susan would be looked after during the show because it might become a bit much for her.

She said: “She’s a little vulnerable. I can only hope that someone is looking after her, making sure she doesn’t get taken advantage of.”

Although a regular customer, Susan doesn’t drink alcohol very often.

Jackie said: “She doesn’t really drink. She’ll have a glass of wine once in a blue moon but usually it’s a half pint of lemonade”

But one thing Susan can’t stop talking about is judge Piers Morgan, who she seems to have developed a crush on.

Jackie said: “She’s always talking about how well her and Piers get on.

“It’s Piers this, Piers that. “She absolutely loves him.”


  1. Could we have her PIN numbers too whilst your giving all these details away: address, description of house, savings inside!!! What are you thinking!

  2. If she really is “simple”, then you Brits need to protect her. She is a national treasure and should be allowed and encouraged by all of you to pursue her dream and get rich from it. We all benefit, and so does she! Imagine what else she can sing! Tell Paul McCartney to step in and give her a hand up.
    Love To All
    Steve from Philly U.S.A.

  3. We enjoyed listening to Susan Boyle sing. Her voice is that of an angel.
    We hope that she becomes a super star, and that Piers and Simon take care of her talent and provide her with opportunities deserving of her ability. She is a kind soul , with a special light that can make the world a better place in knowing her.

  4. As a professional press agency you should surely abide by journalist rules and not publish peoples’ home addresses. I’d urge you to correct this oversight.

    I am sure no harm was intended. best regards, James

  5. It’s sad to see how much pleasure you seem to gain out of posting all those most intimate details of Susan’s life. The lack of respect for privacy and responsibility have certainly not informed your writing, I do hope you will seek advice and develop towards a less ruthless notion of ‘sharing’.

  6. well done susan I always was told you had a marvelous voice but that brought a tear to my eye. I worked in the rent office and often chatted with you good luck

  7. Awe inspiring, what a gift Susan Boyle possesses, the ability to make anyone who hears her sing, regardless of age or race, stop and stare in awe with reactions from tears of joy at the beauty to goose bumps at the depth of emotion, cant wait for her CD to be released in Australia

  8. Tis a bit too much personal information, but I agree, she is a treasure. I dearly hope that a family member or a close friend takes proper care of her through the contest’s progress [I wouldn’t trust anyone from the show, they only have ratings as their motivation]. There are many unscrupulous people in the world who will take advantage of Susan if allowed. I also hope someone is there when her fifteen minutes of fame are over. I will follow the contest via the internet. GOOD LUCK SUSAN.

  9. the world is watching.
    I pity the fool that tries to take advantage of Miss Boyle.
    Take heed.
    you have NO idea of the force being generated around this lady.
    I don’t even have an idea, and I have tracked this trend meticulously since the 11th.
    this has been my full time job and leisure going on for 6 days now.
    I participated in the struggling birth of Susan’s wikipedia entry.
    I study viral ads and memes.
    I’ve been waiting for a new internet phenomenon so I can perfect some real time trend tracking software for my website.
    what I have witnessed has moved into a class of its own. appearing to generate interest (hits) in hours that have taken other virals months to accumulate.
    the venus nouveau list always calls for the standard attacks, including the arbitrary calls of fraud.
    I have witnessed what could best be described as some type of unity event.
    I’ve read the psychology articles on this from their birth as well. fascinating stuff.
    I must say, its been very difficult keeping up due to the volume of content that has been created so quickly.
    and on top of all of that, here goes cry me a river.
    [while typing this comment it has moved to #10 on Google trends]
    I think an original signed copy ebay auction for charity presented by Miss Boyle as a thanks to YouTube and her fans would make World History.
    Good Job Guys.
    this is without a doubt the best yet.
    I hope you are ready when the time comes.
    from a business standpoint I can see that no one truly was ready.
    a HUGE capitalization event continues to unfold, and (almost) everyone is STILL standing around dumbfounded. try to get it in gear, ok?
    this is it boys.
    She’s knocked this one out of the park, better line up behind and hold on tight.
    the predictions from my work continue to say, all bets are off the table.
    this one is across the board.
    She will continue to set and create new records for quite some time.
    and I don’t mean the singing kind.

    personally, I thought she was amazing and I love her.

    what is truly amazing is the clout this little lady now controls.
    and that has yet to be addressed.
    will she choose to work on the farm, or run it?
    I feel soon the question will not be ‘Can we get her on our show?’ but instead, ‘Can we get on her show?’
    go ahead and smirk. I did too.
    at first.

    • Please do not publish my name!

      Right On! Don’t wait to act. Just Ask what you can do ot help. Simon will be a major player — and he has lots of networks that he can call on. Perhaps you might have some of your club get in touch with him and ask how you can help. Some common sense will be welcome — and offering to go with her during the contest would be a great helpl seeitoldyouso would be a good start! Work with her family and the town people. Be sure Susan is included .
      Sorry about the name use —

    • I made this post 7 months ago.
      Did I get it right?
      Amanda Holden, Sharon Osbourne, et al tried to take advantage and paid the price.
      Soon the fabricated *music critics* will be eating crow.
      Susan Boyle forced YouTube to rethink their methods, now they are more ready for such an event *if* it were to ever happen again.
      Did she knock it out of the park?
      Setting and creating new records?
      YouTube records smashed. pre-orders smashed.
      Appearances on Larry King, NBC, AGT, DWTS, etc, etc.

      My new predictions;

      IDAD goes Platinum.
      She’ll *probably* take #1 for the year beating out Eminem.
      I say *probably*, because sales will out pace what Sony had anticipated, and they will struggle to keep up with the month’s distribution demand so close to the end of the year.
      The Pop World will be knocked flat on its butt.
      Critics will continue to show their ignorance and constantly lash out against her, not yet realizing the game has changed. A new market has been (re)awakened.

      She’ll guest on Jay Leno and drive his ratings through the roof.
      She’ll become a television celebrity in her own right.
      She’ll be offered her own show.
      Probably a couple of TV specials at first, just to test the waters. And the market.
      Books, DVDs, an autobiography. (All Best Sellers)
      Disney will eventually wake up. But by then its going to really cost them.

      This woman has the magic.
      Its going to be the longest “15 minutes of fame” ever witnessed.
      If Syco doesn’t promote her properly, Simon will eventually lose out on this one.
      2nd CD will be bigger than the first.
      3rd even bigger.
      She will release a Christmas/Religious themed CD for next year that will become a standard for generations.
      She will not go ‘hollywood’.
      Her head may be in the clouds. but, she’ll keep her feet firmly planted on the ground.

      Believe it or not, this snowball has just started rolling.

      The only one that can derail it, is Susan herself.
      She’ll gain some confidence from the sales of her 1st CD and TV special that will translate into her realizing a little of the clout she now controls.
      She might possibly decide ‘enough is enough’ and drop out for a time.
      But if they spark her temper, she’s liable to show them all a trick or two.
      Regardless, this little lady is going to be laughing all the way to the bank.
      She’ll have some fun. And soon it’ll be on her own terms.

      wake up O’Meara. dllpyb

      • Hi – Please visit the website by my name, we’re fascinated by your two posts and would love to have further discussion with you. We are the group of which 163 fans from 28 countries, 7 continents made the quilt presented to Susan in NY. In any case thanks for your followup post – all the best – a Susan Boyle fan – Bill

      • I have been regularly checking your original comment, having followed the progress of Susan Boyle snd which certainly seemed follow the pattern you suggested originally.
        So was pleased to see your follow-up after so many months, I will now watch, with interest , your latest predictions.
        Your comments re the ‘critics’ were very apt, they are so behind in the ‘ball game ‘ they will probably neither catch up or catch on to the “(re) awakened public.”
        Western Australia

      • and 6 weeks later..
        IDAD goes platinum.
        NZ: 9x Platinum
        AUS: 8x Platinum
        UK: 5x Platinum
        US: 3x Platinum
        CAN: 3x Platinum
        Worldwide: ~6,343,000 sales in 2009.
        In some countries IDAD sales out pace all other top rated competitors COMBINED.

        IDAD is #1 album released in 2009.
        Taylor Swift had the #1 selling album of 2009, but it was actually released in 2008.
        Taylor Swift defeats Susan Boyle for #1 selling album of 2009 by ~3%.
        (3,217,000 vs 3,104,000)
        ->Supply unable to keep up with demand in all areas during holiday rush.<-
        Time on 2009 charts;
        Swift: 53 weeks
        Boyle: 6 weeks

        Susan Boyle beats Eminem as fastest seller of 2009. (~701,000 vs ~608,000) ^15%
        Highest debut ever for a female solo artist on the Billboard 200 in the SoundScan era..
        IDAD now the best-selling debut album since records began.
        First and only artist ever to debut at #1 and remain for six consecutive weeks since Billboard started keeping score in the 1950s.
        IDAD sells over half a million copies in each of its first five weeks of release, Only four albums have accomplished this since Nielsen SoundScan began tracking data in 1991.

        IDAD breaks all existing pre-order sales records on Amazon, QVC, and Barnes & Noble online.

        Exclusive broadcast of 'I Dreamed A Dream' breaks all existing records and becomes #1 rated special on TV Guide networks by achieving a triple digit audience increase. (up 404 %)

        Music 'Critics' rate album B-.
        2 stars out of four at release. Sales figures prove otherwise.
        'Pop' World still in denial.

        ..not bad for a newbie if you ask me.

        more to come.

  10. It is so disgusting how Susan Boyle has been treated in her own village!! Why don’t the parents of those little brats discipline their children?? This sounds like the cruelist place to live I have ever heard of, I hope she leaves permanently when she is a huge star and never looks back.

  11. Yes, I agree Madge, reading that kids still tease her after her Mum died is disgusting. It’s good to know that a neighbor would chase them away. Where are their parents????? I hope the parents are stepping up to their responsibility to teach these kids. Probably these are the kids who are now asking for autographs from Susan. I hope they and their parents apologized.

  12. I see this article was written some time ago, before Susan’s magnificent performances during the BGT tour. Never have I witnessed a more enchanting singer as Susan Boyle. Her lovely voice and charismatic stage presence are awesome to behold, and her audiences were enthralled.

    Susan has begun recording now, and Simon Cowell says she is “fantastic”. We have only begun to see Susan’s meteoric rise and will see her become the world’s greatest Superstar. She is a miracle.

  13. Artistic people are often treated unkindly by other people who, having fewer dimensions, are less insightful. Hopefully by now, the bell has rung and the light come on!! All people deserve respectful treatment, no matter who they are, but with her stellar mezzo-soprano voice, her amazing musical interpretations, and her inspiring outlook on life, Susan Boyle deserves respect and *honor*!

  14. I think the statement aboout her house is very misleading as the council have put new double glazed doors and the housing estates in Blackburn are very well kept.
    also from past experience i know Susan can hold her own as she can have a very quick temper an colourful language but i also wish her every success in her career yes I have been at the otherside of Susans tongue when trying to give her assistance.
    good luck Susan and remember to stay calm

    • Dear Nancy,

      Just read your comments about Susan Boyle,and loved them!!, These are the kinds of things that I want to know about Susan. Useing your regions term, I have been ” Gobsmacked”, by everything about this beautiful lady, and cannot get eough of reading about her, seeing her pictures, watching the videos. I will be so happy when she comes tour the USA. Thanks for your insight.

      I AM Mable Marie
      Mae Mae

  15. The reason these children tease her so badly is because their parents are the very ones who grew up going to school with and teasing Susan. They learned it from the very people who you are not asking to teach their children some manners. Children learn what they live and this is a community who has always been men to her. I don’t quite know what to think about that. It’s not normal. I was a kid once and down the street from us lived a girl who was disabled. Some of the kids would walk by the house and make fun of her. I started to mock my friends by doing the same. I was about 7 or 8 at the time. My mother found out about it and I can promise you I never did it again. Not to her and not to anyone.

    To the lady who says she has been on the other side of Susans temper. When you live a life of ppl bullying you, I guess you have to learn to stand up for yourself.

    Its amazing so many of you state that you knew she was this fantastic singer and yet you did not appreciate it until the rest of the world told you that you should. you still mocked her, bullied her and allowed your children to do the same right up until the minute you were afraid the TVs cameras would catch you doing it. I wish she would leave there and never look back.

    • The people posting here are very sympathetic to Susan and they may have always been on her side, how does pointing a finger at those, of whom you really know nothing, help Susan? We need opposition as much as we need support. The bullying she endured should inspire us to change our approach to conflict and not to assign blame in a random, ugly manner. Bullies lie in wait everyehere, she was fortunate to have a supportive home life where many did not….I hope she never pursues the American Dream…it’s unsustainable, unethical, based on
      empowerment through consumption, and ultimately unfulfilling. Susan stay with your family, be creative, trust your instincts, and pamper yourself when you can appreciate it. I hope itoldyouso is right in every way.

  16. seeitoldyouso, I also knew this was going to be huge just as you did. You were able to put into words as I lay at night thinking about the big scope of things. I want to thank you for putting into words my very thougths. Well, so very close to my thoughts. I do hope we hear more from you. I also hope you join the fan site. You would be welcome there with open arms. The very best to you. And MERRY CHRISTMAS.

  17. Susan Boyle you are one beautiful lady, one with a warm heart and soul who also can sing beautifully! I have read your story of your life 3 times now, listened to your 2nd CD at least 100 times and enjoy it more every time. It fills my room up with that gorgeous voice of yours as I sit and sew all day. I am waiting for your 3rd CD and hope that wait will not be a long one. I am a quilter and have made a quilted wall hanging just for you, inspired by one of the songs in your 1st CD, but where do I send it? I think that you look absolutely smashing in the color red and sure wish that a designer would design a red gown for one of your singing engagements in the near future. How did it go – singing for the
    queen?? Best wishes for the coming new year, your most loyal and loving fan, Mimi Z. from Wisconsin U.S.A.

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