Susan Boyle Becomes Scotland’s New Internet Sensation

Susan with kids in the neighbourhood
Susan with kids in the neighbourhood

By Cara Sulieman

SUSAN BOYLE-MANIA is gripping the Internet with millions of fans desperate to find out all they can about the Scots singing sensation.

Her shock popularity is growing bigger by the day with at least three dedicated new fans sites and more 70 groups on Facebook being set up in her honour in under a week.

And her “musician” profile on Facebook, set up by an ardent fan, has over 10,000 fans already just days after she appeared in hit TV show Britain’s Got Talent.

That’s on top of the 5.5 MILLION views she’s had on YouTube.

Global sensation

With messages of support pouring in from around the world for the 47-year-old virgin, it is apparent that she has become a global sensation.

One Facebook user from Ohio wrote: “What a delight! People all over the world shedding tears of joy at your wonderful voice – wishing that all your dreams come true.”

Susan’s popularity across the world has been secured by the success of her YouTube clip and wall to wall attention by the international press from as far afield as Estonia, New York and Australia.

She has now even secured herself a Wikipedia entry – although this is under consideration as some users of the site feel she is not “notable” enough to warrant an entry.

An inspiration

But one of the fans who have set up a website in honour of Susan, William Henderson, explained that he felt she was an inspiration and worthy of all the attention.

He said: “I thought that Susan was incredible and so just had to set up a fan site for her.

“It’s the fact that when she came out on stage, she didn’t look like Beyoncé or Rihanna, so people thought she was going to fail the auditions.

“But when she came out with her voice, everyone was shocked and loved her.

“Don’t judge a book by it’s cover”

“It is a case of learning not to judge a book by its cover.

“I think she can make it right to the end. If not, she will still be as famous and no one will forget her at all.”

Susan wowed judges with her performance on Britain’s Got Talent on Saturday night when she sung I Dreamed a Dream from Les Miserable.

Initially sceptical of the songstress, both the audience and the judges were laughing at her as she told them she wanted to be just like Elaine Page.

But they were quickly won over by her wonderful voice.

Susan is now through to the next round of the talent show, were she will be singing Whistle Down the Wind.


  1. Shw wasn’t beautiful, in the common value of the word. She had a rougher life than mist but God was just waiting the right time to let her shine. That time has come. I was thrilled, by way of google, to see her knock those who “had already judged her”, glad to see them with their mouths wide open then, see them on their feet.

    Go Susan, sing and shine, you time has come.

  2. Dearest Susan:

    You do not need IDOL, you are already an International Star. Your voice is an absolute sensation. You appear to be a very kind, genrous you deserve a worldwide singing career and you deserve to be kissed very often.

    With Love
    Bill USA

  3. The waste is that has been on the earth for 47 years and virtually a nobody. And with a fantastic voice like that. We all have been denied years of her talent, what a shame.

  4. At first, I was also thinking that she was going to fail terribly and I was already feeling sorry for her. However, when I heard her stuning voice, my jaw dropped. She has one of the most beautiful voices I ‘ve heard and, surely, she deserves to win BGT show!

  5. Susan Boyle embodied the “little girl princess” dreams in all of us – to be discovered – to be found worthy – to be wanted. How many times hadn’t I dreamt the same kind of dreams (only mine was with a piano), and what’s more, Susan had the guts to go out and stand in front of an unfriendly audience and lay her soul open for all to see. And most of all, she sang with feeling. Like a true muscian, the song and Susan were one and the same.

  6. Susan has the most beautiful voice I have ever heard. May God bless her and make the Happiest Lady on this planet. I wish all the best. No one in America has ever had a voice like her.

  7. Dear Susan,

    Your lovely voice sent chills through me as I was listening to you on uTube. God bless you, for he has given you a wonderful voice to go along with a lovely personality. I am sure that you will receive many kisses and hugs, here is one big one from a fan.

    I sent the link of your performance to my husband and children so they can enjoy it as much as I have.

    New Jersey, USA

  8. “Susan Boyle Brings Hope and Stands Cynicism on its Head for Us All”

    An awesome lady, and singer.

    The 7 minute clip on Youtube plays our emotions like a virtuoso pianist.

    I was particularly taken with the interplay of Simon Cowell and Susan. And how he visibly changed and grew. I explain in more detail at
    (My second posting under uncategorized.)

  9. I can’t stop watching Susan!! I’ve already listened on youtube to her next song and can’t wait.
    Love to Susan from Indiana, USA

  10. I saw this on the news station my fox tampa bay it saw a short clip so, I decide to google it. Susan brought tears to my eyes as she sung. No one on that panel thought that this was going to come out of her mouth. I hope that the judges will judge her fairly. Susan love ya.

  11. Sarah has the voice of an Angel ! ! That goes to show everyone who smurked, Never judged a Book by it’s cover! She sure made a laughing stock out of a lot of folks. Not only that, she is such a good person inside and out. She put her needs aside to take care of her elderly mother when she was ill. She had singing lessons but she stayed home to take care of her mom until she passed away. Bravo Susan! Susan When you sing you give me goose bump and a hugh smile. Thank you, So Very Much.

  12. I kind of cried after watching her performance and her absolutely beautiful voice. This is like a wake up call for all of us , stop judging people by their looks. There’s this lady at my work and she looks somewhat alike with Susan Boyle, and I used to look down on her a few times, I really need to stop this.

  13. Does one buy a book because of the cover? Hell no. I’m so sick of all these wannabe singers that have no talent and rely on selling T&A and wearing soft porn attire; Susan Boyle is more beautiful than all of them combined. It’s about time we got back to the beauty and music from within instead of having our kids worship those NO TALENTED SELLING BODIES SINGERS.

    She went out their with her “spunk, confidence and voice that only could have been bestowed to her from GOD” and made Simon swallow that earlier smirk on his face.

    God Bless You Susan . . . you’ve made no only your Mum proud but all of Scotland and the World. Can’t wait for your first CD. Your dreams have finally come true.

  14. Susan, your integrity, determination, courage and charm are exactly what we needed at exactly this moment in time. You made my heart soar as I listened to your breathtaking performance last week. The world suddenly seems brighter, more hopeful and happier with you in it!!! I’m so proud of you and so happy for you. Please know that you have a forever friend in NJ, USA. I will watch for you with delighted anticipation as your beautiful star rises!!!
    With love and all the best,
    Debbie in Manahawkin, NJ, USA

  15. Susan, May GOD richly bless you and keep you and protect you from the top of your head to the soles of your feet, from your going and coming, from all sides. May you receive all the Blessings from Heaven above all the days of your life. Your voice is that of an angel and has already touched and impacted the world! You are no longer the underdog which our society has pushed aside far too many decades, but the star that rises above it all for all the world to see; for all the world to learn. I listen to your audition every day and cry so each and every time. Mine are tears of joy and love that only your God-given voice can touch. THANK YOU and GOD BLESS YOU.
    Doreen in Oceanside, NY USA

  16. Dear Susan,
    You are a gift to the world from God. You have the most beautiful voice I have ever heard in my life. Your singing has a perfect blend of professional quality and heart-warming passion. In addition to an angelic voice, you have a warm and unselfish heart. You put your life on hold to take care of your mother when she needed you. The warmth of your heart and spirit just radiates from your face which gives you a glow and beauty that belongs to you only. You are my role model and you inspire me everyday to aim for the stars despite the drawbacks. Please don’t lose your sweet, down-to-earth personality and charm because it’s part of what sets you apart from the stuck-up, shallow, self-centered celebreties. You have defied the norm of celebrity personalities with your devotion to Christ, your unselfishness, your natural appearance, and your humility. Susan, I am there for you all the way. Please remember that you have a friend in Indiana who cares about you and prays for you. Please don’t change because your true fans love you the way you are. God bless you and protect you from evil. With a hug from me to you, a loyal fan.

    • I agree .Debbie could have not said thet any better that is exactly how i feel God bless you Susan

  17. One is compelled to look inside and seek an understanding of what is felt upon hearing the blessed Susan sing. Her perserverance, professionalism, sense of self, honesty, clarity of purpose and dedication are deep measures of the human spirit and set a perfect paradigm before us…to follow. As I listened to Susan Boyle I could not help but note that Susan has all by herself clarified the condition of the world, contrasted what it is against what it could be. From her intense voice we learn what is real, and remind ourselves of what has too long been remarkably shallow and unworthy. I find more beauty in Susan Boyle “just as she is” that all the “Pole dancers” of the last hundred years. Susan Boyle is real and reminds us of what we have lost, and gives us hope of what we might find. God has truly blessed Susan and her beauty needs no elaboration…it stands on it’s own.

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