Singing star Susan Boyle’s brother has business X Factor


gerard boyle


THE brother of singing sensation Susan Boyle is cashing in on her fame – with the launch of a new reality TV-style business.

Gerard Boyle, 54, set up Business Academy’s Business in a Box to allow entrepreneurs to start their own company instantly.

When wannabe business folk sign up to the scheme, they will be provided with an office, a website, company stationary, an accountant, a legal team and even a call centre.

Gerard compared the venture to reality talent shows like the ‘X Factor’ and ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ – the show that shot sister Susan to stardom – because it provides a fast-track route into a career.

Gerard said: “I suppose you could say it’s like an X Factor or Britain’s Got Talent for people who want to start a business.

“It’s a fast way to become accomplished.

“We aim to get people running their own business within three weeks by providing them a support mechanism.

“Once we have supplied this, it frees you up to do what you do best.

“Ideally, we’d like to take someone from the job centre to being their own boss – and it doesn’t matter what kind of business you want to start up.”

Gerard – who is the closest sibling in age to Susan – was speaking as he recorded the first ever Business Academy Show at the Dominion Cinema in Edinburgh.

He was joined by the team members – including MWB Business Exchange – to discuss different aspects of the scheme.

Gerard said: “The scheme costs £13,500 over five years, which works out about £90 per week. Not bad for all the resources that gives you.

“The thirst for business is still out there and we’re really hoping this will make a big dent in the recession.”

The group also hope to have the same success as devout catholic Susan by cracking the American market.

Gerard said: “We hope to roll it out across UK and Europe and eventually across the US too.

“Susan’s a world figure now. She’s doing great, and the direction she is going in is wonderful.

“And this is a business by the same people who brought you Susan Boyle.”

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  1. its all rubbish he claims to be a businessman but in fact hasnt worked for years & lives of his son

    • Thank you for informing us, Jane. Must say I have been concerned about this brother poking his nose into Susan’s affairs, expressing concern about Susan’s “money affairs”. I am sure that Simon Cowell & Cie will deal with Susan’s finances in her best interest. Also, where was this brother (and Susan’s other siblings) when Susan single-handedly assisted her elderly parents, without an income (or for that matter a life) of her own?

  2. This is from the people that brought us Susan Boyle?
    What the hell did he ever do to help her?
    Seems to me she did this on her own.
    I hope she will find someone to protect her.

    • I cannot help but wonder what contribution (financial and time) the brother made when Susan was looking after their parents in their old age and could not have a life of her own or fulfill her dreams for a younger age. I hope Susan is wise with her money!

  3. I have little objection to people using their familial ties to get something of their own off the ground…this sort of hob-nobbing only reveals what ‘customers’ or users of their services are prepared to accept as qualification/fitness for the role.

    I do object, however, to that smug little remark at the end of the article: “And this is a business by the same people who brought you Susan Boyle”. -WHAT!? Are you claiming to have PRODUCED Susan!? I have no idea of the family dynamic other than the public information, namely that Susan appeared to live with her mother up until her death and since then has trundled along in a grief-stricken and emotionally fragile life.

    I could be wrong here (such is the way with commentaries on ‘celebs’), but her family appear to have left her pretty much to it till now!

    Susan seems to have done this on her own. These days, for sure she is supported and helped. but who took the initial steps to approach BGT and get up there and sing?

  4. Some time has lapsed since this article appeared – We have all in the interim discovered that Susan is a lovely, sensitive person and has become the singing professional she always wished to be and the singing sensation beyond her dreams. All her fans are very happy for Susan. I am sure what everyone wishes for Susan now is that she will continue with the great success she is making of her life, wich happened in a very short period of time. Susan’s fans are all the way behind her and I am sure will protect her wherever they can.

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