Talent star Susan Boyle suffers wardrobe malfunction


By Cara Sulieman

SUSAN Boyle suffered an embarrassing ‘wardrobe malfunction’ early today at her home in Blackburn.

The Britain’s Got Talent star made a rookie mistake of forgetting to zip herself up before leaving her house in Blackburn.

SUSAN BOYLE: wardobe malfunction
SUSAN BOYLE: wardobe malfunction

Stepping out in her cream chinos and now famous black leather jacket, she seemed oblivious of her fashion faux pas.

And it didn’t stop there – squeezed into a black satin shirt a few sizes too small, the substantial singer was bursting out between the buttons as she faced photographers camped outside her home.


The dressing disaster comes just weeks after singing sensation Susan underwent a controversial makeover after shooting to fame last month, and just 24-hrs after she was filmed for the Oprah Winfrey show.

She ditched the frumpy clothes, waxed her eyebrows and died her hair during a whirlwind of media interviews.

But if her performance yesterday (Weds) proves anything then it’s proof that the old Susan is still alive and well – if maybe in need of a little help with her choice of outfits before her next big performance.

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  1. LOL!! Which of us has never done THAT?!?!? These sorts of things only seem to make Susan Boyle all the more endearing. Here’s wishing her every happiness as she “sorts out her dress sense”.

  2. God forbid that anyone should have told her to save her from some embarrassment!
    But then again, this is the sort of thing photographers are hoping for when they follow her every move.
    I hope this made your day.

  3. “A partially down zipper is news because????”

    Easy. Because the reporter who wrote that is a loser, and that is about all her simple mind will allow her to think of. An intelligent person would have come up with a better story.

  4. Seems everyone wanted her to change who she was (as far as her looks) which she didn’t want to do… but she did….. now its a zipper….. good grief.

  5. It is really sad that this is considered newsworthy. I for one am glad to see that she is still being true to herself and hasn’t gotten a whole new wardrobe or plastic surgery or anything. Outward appearance is superficial and way too much emphasis is placed on it…it’s what’s inside that counts and it is not only her incredible singing talent but also her down-to-earth, authentic personality that has made her so popular so quickly.

    • I agree with this post. She is what she is and she doesnt need to change.
      She is an angel, genuine, simple and authentic.
      She will not be changed by the lights and the money.
      That makes her even greater.

    • That depends.
      Are you an instant, globally-discussed phenomenon on the basis of the ‘pereception dichotomy” between your appearance and your abilities?
      Thought not.
      In which case, no, I’m afriad your inside out sock isn’t news.
      Thanks for reading though.
      Deadline Editor

    • No and this isn’t news either. It shouldn’t be in the news. We all make mistakes. These things happen.

      – Lora

  6. It was rude to not tell the woman that she was not totally put together. God, her cat couldn’t tell her and the photographer could. Susan probably thought that she could pop out to the shops, and poof there is someone waiting to snap her. She doesn’t have round-the-clock hairdresser and maid. Kindness is as kindness does, help the woman out when it is obviously needed!

  7. This is not news. Zipper down, bottom shirt button undone. GIve her a break. Whomever doesn’t like this – you pay for the stylist!

  8. Does anyone realise Susan was on benefits and had to budget to her income , Come on be realistic . Talent is about singing not what others think about her clothes . She didnt enter a designer clothes competition . why call her frumpy , and simple when she could only afford simple things , Giver her £1000,000 and then see what she wears . I say dump the media and follow Susan as a singer and enjoy . The media tried to show her as a saint one minuet and then a Stupid woman, let the public talk and make that CD we all want to hear over and over again . I dont care if she wants to wear flip flops and a hot pants , with a Mick Jagger T shirt with a pink wig. I want to hear her sing and on top of that the lady has a sense of humour too …….
    I think she is a star in her own right and can wear what she wants ,

  9. I love you Susan Boyle! You can be and dress and do what ever you want! Anyone worth considering knows that posting, never mind actually purposefully taking, such a photo is just plain self-centred and opportunistic. It is an understatement to describe the photographer as rude, ill-mannered, ill-bred, deprived (of adequate parental guidance during the formative years), thoughtless, or money hungry. All the best to you Susan Boyle..take care of yourself dear lady. Regards, Susan Johnson

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