Scots beauty eats sheep brains in bid to become TV model


Ashley Brown


SCOTS beauty Ashley Brown found out a model’s life is not as glamorous as it seems – when she was forced to eat sheep brains in her pursuit of becoming Britain’s Next Top Model.

This week’s episode of the Living TV show saw the 20 year-old mum-of-two tucking into the animal’s brain matter as she auditioned for an Icelandic advert.

But the Livingston lovely couldn’t hide her disgust at eating the gooey mush and was forced to spit it out.

She said: “It was absolutely horrible. It was a sheep’s head and you could still see its face and eyes.

“There was a hole in its head and we had to eat some brains and then deliver a line but I didn’t too well.

“The woman said she wouldn’t even bother showing my audition to the client I fgelt sick straight away and couldn’t swallow it.

“I just spat it out.”


The aspiring model, who is the current Miss West Lothian, is through to the last eight of the beauty competition as the girl’s visited the home of Icelandic judge Huggy Ragnarsson.

The eight models were taken to the country’s famous Blue Lagoon and only had a couple of hour’s daylight to be captured by Huggy in their roles as Nordic Queens.

Ashley said: “That was probably the best photoshoot we had to do so far. It was freezing cold conditions but the scenery was amazing and I had a lot of fun.

“I was the Queen of the Northern Winds for the photoshoot.

“Huggy was really nice to me. She said I was really humble and couldn’t believe how beautiful I was in the photos.”


Volatile Ashley was also seen getting into an argument with a fellow model contestant as tempers frayed on the show.

She said: “We had a massive row about how rude she (Viola) is. She had gone into my bag and just helped herself to my stuff.

“One day I even caught her coming out my room with one of my tops on without asking if she could wear it.

“Everyone was saying how rude she was so I decided to have a word with her and it led to fireworks.”

Ashley’s next TV appearance is on the beauty talent show is on Monday evening at 9pm.


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