Susan Boyle’s secret worry over new mum niece collapse


By Lauren Crooks

Britain’s Got Talent singer Susan Boyle is sick with worry after her favourite niece collapsed just weeks after giving birth to a baby boy.

Jacquelene Houston, 31, had been suffering dizzy spells, heaping stress on her famous aunt in the run up to the grand final of the contest.

Susan – who became an instant celebrity after her first appearance in the show and is competing for a chance to sing for the Queen on Saturday – has already snapped in public this week as pressure builds.

WORRY: Susan Boyle
WORRY: Susan Boyle

And yesterday the tension mounted further as Jacquelene – daughter of Susan’s brother James – was rushed to hospital.


Medics said she had collapsed, falling down the stairs in her Bathgate home.

The news of the fall will add to Susan’s stress in the wake of Saturday’s live TV final – expected to be viewed by 100s of millions of people. Yesterday a close friend of Jacquelene said: “I was walking by and saw the ambulance outside their house.

“Jacqui has been having dizzy spells and I saw them going into the back.

“Stephen dumped his work van and jumped into their own car and sped off behind it.

“They are waiting to hear everything is okay.”

Jacqui only gave birth to the couple’s first child James last month. The pair named him James after his grandfather.

In the run up to the tot’s birth Jacqui watched her aunt at the famous audition for Britain’s Got Talent.


And little James now sleeps in the same Moses basket that Susan herself slept in as a baby.

Last night Jacqui’s dad James revealed that Susan dotes on the family and even made sure of visiting her ill niece before leaving for London.

He said: “I took her round to see Jacquelene, Stephen and James. She even had her picture taken. We’re a very close family.”

Jacquelen  & Stephen Houston
Jacquelene & Stephen Houston

And he said he hoped to calm Susan with news that Jacqui was safe home in bed having been treated at hospital and given tablets for a blood condition.

He said: “Jacqui had a problem with her iron, but she seems to be fine.”

Last night a Scottish Ambulance Spokesperson confirmed they had received an emergency call after a female had fallen down the stairs.

A Scottish Ambulance Service spokesperson said: “We received a call to Mavis Bank in Bathgate at 12.15pm responding to a call that a woman had fallen down the stairs. She was taken by ambulance to St John’s Hospital in Livingston.”

A spokesperson at admissions at St John’s Hospital said: “Mrs Houston was discharged from A&E at 4pm.”

Last night Jacqui was at home “resting in bed” according to a relative at the house.


  1. Dearest S Boyle,
    Stand tall, be yourself. Give it all. I’m looking forward to hearing your wonderful
    voice Just block out the media tensiion.
    When I was 18 my parents told me I was plain and not as beautiful as my sisters,
    but I had a big heart. I will never for get it. But Susan, you are beautiful
    and now showing your feelings to the world by sharing your voice.
    Please , keep sharing that wilth us.
    Donna Wilson
    Laguna Niguel, California

  2. Susan,
    You have such a beautiful soul AND IT SHOWS. I love to hear you sing. I look forward to seeing and hearing more of you. I will definitely will buy a ticket to hear you sing when you come to America!!!

    Keep the faith and concentrate on the final this weekend.
    Best of luck from FLORIDA!!!!


  3. Susan Boyle is the best female singer ever in history ! I fumble about on the internet frequently searching for news of Susan, and constantly listening to any thing i am able to concerning her beautiful voice. i am 71 years of age and a retired disabled former musician. Americans love this adorable lady with all the talent ! God bless , Always.

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