Coca cola wages war on Irn Bru

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CokeHomecomingBottleBy Cara Sulieman

COCA COLA has declared war on Irn Bru – with a special edition bottle celebrating the birth of Robbie Burns.

The soft drinks giant have produced special celebratory bottles for the occasion feature an image of the Bard.

And it’s being done with the full blessing of the Scottish Government.

Scotland is the ONLY place in the world where it is outsold by a native soft drink as Irn Bru has kept it at bay for decades.

Now, in a landmark decision, the group has decided to carry an iconic image of the Bard on the side of their glass products.

Olympic Games

Normally special editions are only made for major world events like the Olympic Games.

This is the first time they have made a design only for one country such is their determination.

Apart from Santa Claus, Burns will also be the first individual to be pictured on the side of the famous contour bottle.

First Minister Alex Salmond said thrilled by the support of the multinational company.


He said: “I’m delighted that Coca Cola are lending their support to Scotland’s Year of Homecoming with the production of this fantastic limited edition bottle.

“This unique design for 2009 captures the spirit of that celebration, and is a fantastic way of translating our heritage and identity into the language of popular culture.

“Andy Warhol described the Coca Cola’s contour bottle as ‘the design icon of the decade’, but now that it is decorated with my ‘Man of the Millennium’ I think its visual identity is even more significant.”

Simon Baldry, the Managing Director of Coca-Cola, said that the company


He said: “We are delighted to be supporting Scotland’s Homecoming campaign by working with our Scottish customers to launch this limited edition bottle.

“This unique bottle and design creates opportunity for new marketing, promotions and display in stores to ensure that increased consumer awareness and excitement is created for this campaign.”

The bottle will be stocked in shops across the country and served up in plush venues including Gleneagles Hotel.

No-one from Irn Bru was available for comment.

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4 Comments for “Coca cola wages war on Irn Bru”

  1. Am Scottish.What matters to me is taste not looks or design
    We no who Robert Burns is.so what

  2. IRN BRU Will always be the no1 drink on the market
    Remember taset matters not looks remember taste matters not looks.

  3. How can i get such a bottle? I really want one, im a Coca Cola collector en like this bottle! 😀

  4. Irn Bru is way better than coca cola, period!!!

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