Susan Boyle flies home – to see Pebbles the cat


Susan Boyle


BRITAIN’S Got Talent star Susan Boyle flew back to Scotland at the weekend – because she is missing her cat, Pebbles.

The talented singer has spent the last week in the Priory recovering from a stress-related breakdown and is desperate to be reunited with her pet moggy.

Following the final of the TV talent show Susan was reported to be seen talking to an imaginary friend and that she had left telephone messages for her pet back home in Blackburn, West Lothian.

But she looked relaxed as she flew into Edinburgh Airport from Heathrow on Saturday.

And it has been revealed the star has signed the rock band U2’s financial guru to look after her career.

Legendary showbiz accountant Ossie Kilkenny will mastermind Boyle’s career and hopes to capitalise on her new-found fame.

There are now hopes Susan will be able to perform on the BGT tour, and celebrity-fan and actress Demi Moore is keen on Boyle singing at her wedding anniversary.

BGT tour

Brother Gerry has admitted she will also accept an invitation to perform for the US President, Barack Obama, at the White House.

The BGT runner-up should join the show’s UK tour which kicks-off in Birmingham this Friday, and it is thought she will also perform at this year’s Royal Scottish Variety Performance in aid of Edinburgh’s Royal Blind School in October.

After signing to her new management team Susan will now release her hotly-anticipated debut album on Simon Cowell’s Syco record label.

Susan, 48, is the first of the show’s finalists to snub Cowell as their manager.

Ossie flew to Blackburn, West Lothian last month to finalise the deal which was brokered by Susan’s neice, entertainment and media lawyer Kirsty Foy.

Kirsty, 40, who has worked with Tina turner, Bryan adams and Van Morrison, first approached the Irish manager to get independent career advice for her aunt.

U2 boss signs up Susan

A source said: “Susan wants to work with Simon but she and her family have also chosen to bring in Ossie Kilkenny as her manager.

“So the record will be with Simon’s label, but Ossie will look after her management affairs.”

Kilkenny lives in one of Dublin’s most affluent areas and has worked with U2 for nearly two decades.

The Irish rockers are now worth a reputed £400 million and are global superstars.

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  1. As much as it has been said that Susan has been invited to the White House, there are several reports out there that state she was not including one in the Washington Post.
    Another one said Michelle Obama’s press secretary said Susan was also not invited for the 4th of July festivities. Her brother stated in television interviews she was invited, as well. Did someone pull a hoax on Susan and her family, with what appeared as an official letter or telegram.? Is someone trying to ruin her? Not necessarily, your news media.

    I, personally, would like some credible answers….

    Other content in this article was well written.

  2. Why wouldn’t Obama and Demi Moore invite Susan Boyle to sing? Demi Moore sang her praises on Twitter and Obama made an earlier invitation which Susan unfortunately had to refuse because she needed to focus on BGT at the time. About the White House invitation, Gerry claimed he got it, “straight from the horse’s mouth” according to an interview. True or untrue, Susan still has a long successful career ahead of her. YAY SUSAN!!!!!!!!! 🙂

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