Joyriders wreck golf course


Julie Terry - Torphin Hill Golf Club


JOYRIDING vandals have caused £50,000 worth of damage to a Scots golf course after hotwiring four golf buggies.

The thugs broke into the Torphin Hill Golf Club in Edinburgh for the third time in three months, destroying the golf carts after weaving a route of destruction across the course’s previously immaculate greens.

The latest attack on Monday night saw the damaged vehicles abandoned on one of the greens, while a memorial bench was also attacked.

The club has been forced to beef up their security measures and have now installed a CCTV system in an effort to protect their club.

Buggies completely wrecked

Julie Terry, the club’s stewardess, said: “It looks like they’ve broken into the compound, they’ve had hammers or something to rip the fence and then just rammed through with buggies.

“It’s horrendous. Three of the buggies are completely wrecked and a fourth we think might be able to fix.”

The smashed up carts were found on the course by an early morning jogger.

Mrs Terry added: “We had a lovely bench one of the golfers has donated by the 15th hole and they’ve completely smashed it up.

“They’ve done damage on the 14th hole and there’s some black stuff all over the green. I think its oil out of the buggies, and they have been in the bunkers with the buggies.

“They’ve totally wrecked the place. It’s just sheer vandalism.”

During the first attack on the club half of the club’s eight-strong fleet of golf carts – which cost £4,000 each – was wrecked and the following day saw the remainder driven off and damaged.

Police have confirmed that a 15-year-old was charged in connection with the second incident and a report has been sent to the Children’s Reporter.

A spokesperson for Lothian and Borders Police said: “Police are investigating three incidents where golf buggies at Torphin Hill Golf Club have been damaged.

“Inquiries are ongoing, and we are appealing for anyone with information to contact their nearest police station.”

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