Antony from Blue in festival slasher musical


BloodbathBy Oliver Farrimond

BOYBAND favourite Antony Costa and the creator of Holby City have teamed up for a festival musical – with a ripping twist.

“Bloodbath”, which stars the former Blue singer as a high school heartthrob, features a Psycho-style serial killer stalking teenagers in a US town.

The killer, dubbed “The Waterman”, preys on unsuspecting teens, picking them off one-by-one – but only if they are in the water.

Costa – who has enjoyed a series of musical roles since his departure from Blue – surprised festival-goers in Edinburgh yesterday (Monday) with a surprise appearance on the Capital’s Royal Mile to promote the gruesome show.

Flanked by a gaggle of beauties, the star showed off his 1950s quiff while sitting on a Harley Davidson.

This is the first time the singer has worked with Holby City creator Tony McHale, who has also recruited former Hollyoaks temptress Ciara Janson for the slasher-musical.


    * STAR (one star)

    Well where do I start! I saw this the other night and it was truly the worst musical I have ever seen. It’s been hyped to hell before it opened and I was hoping it was going to live up to its expectations.
    But its just badly written , cast look under rehearsed and just not funny! A truly awful script.
    American slasher movies are so well written and produced this was never going to ever come close with such poor material.
    The whole thing has been just dressed up as some tits and arse flesh fest to cover this up.
    The girls are all exploited to their full, at the beginning naked shower/ bath murders and then the cheer leaders ! oh boy just a clichéd producers wet dream to hide a bad script with. wooden deliveries and more bras, butts, thongs and flesh than you really need to see, its like an embarrassing lapdance set to bad music.
    High School Cheer leaders don’t wear stockings and thongs only ‘Bedroom Cheer leaders’ from a Fantasy Lingerie Catalogue which is where it looks like they bought all the costumes from, it’s that cheap n nasty!
    A quick check on the girls cvs and they all have had great West End roles like We Will Rock You, Mama Mia, Bloodbrothers, one of them even has a record deal! you wonder why they didn’t stick to their day jobs!
    With over 300 empty seats per night is there any wonder why.
    Anthony Costa is used to playing stadiums with Blue, he must be wondering why he is wasting his time with this.
    Truly awful avoid like the plague don’t waste your time or money.

    Im off to see Denise van Outen – Blondes
    watch out for my review soon.

    Graeme Summer

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