Gerard Butler ditches accent to score roles


By Paul Thornton

SCOTS movie stud Gerard Butler has revealed how he “hates himself” for ditching his accent to land Hollywood roles.

The 300 star – born in Glasgow – said to prevent slips he has begun speaking only in an American accent, despite slamming other stars for doing it.

Butler, 39, said: “I hated anyone from Scotland who lost their accent in the slightest.

“When Sheena Easton made it in America and suddenly stared talking in an accent I swore and threw shoes at her on the television.

“I’m not comfortable enough do American accents only when we film so I have to keep it up all the time.

“I really hate myself for doing that.”

Butler – who stars in the Ugly Truth with screen beauty Katherine Heigl – is currently filming a new flick with Jennifer Aniston in New York.

He was recently snapped dumping the former friends star in the boot of a car during on of the scenes for The Bounty.

The pair have denied reports linking them romantically.

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  1. It is really sad to hear that Gerard is “ditching” his accent. Be proud of your heritage Gerard, screw ’em you have proven your worth as an actor. Don’t lose who you are, for who the world wants you to be.
    Trust me there is mothing sexier than that sexy scot ,Gerard Butler when he talks with that scottish brogue then smiles. It’s sunshine for the world. 🙂

  2. Please Gerard don’t lose your accent, that is the sexiest thing about you!! WE AMERICANS LOVE YOUR ACCENT!!!!

  3. Gerry, Why not just use your real accent in the movies? Your co-star in Shattered, Pierce Brosnan used his accent.You said they wanted you to do it in The Ugly Truth. I think that would have worked great! Though LOVED the movie anyway. Cracked up thorugh the entire movie. So funny.

  4. Well, at least he’s admitting to it!

    If he hates himself for doing it, he should simply stop doing it and only rehearse American accent for his roles.

    We love his Scottish accent. A lot of his fans have noticed that he is losing it and we find that sad.

  5. Gerard Butler is sexy 😀
    And his accent tops it all of perfectly, without it (he’s still sexy) he’s not the same 🙁
    I understand that (well, so the story goes) he hates himself for doing it, I don’t think he should “ditch” the accent 😛 <3
    Also, why can't the stupid gossip magasines and paparazzi and so on just leave everyone alone? Who's business is it whether Jen Aniston and Gerard Butler are going out? Hm, well, if it's not obvious, the answer is Jen and Gerard, no one else…
    even though i love gerard 🙂

  6. I don’t know what accent Pierce Brosnan thought he was doing in Shattered, but as a resident of his home town of Navan, I can tell you it certainly wasn’t his native one. I’ve heard Americans do better Irish accents than he managed!

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