Highland Park’s £3750 whisky to hit the shops


1968 bottleBy Rory Reynolds

THE world’s most northerly single malt distillery is to launch a 45-year-old whisky – which will cost a staggering £3750.

Just 290 bottles of vintage Highland Park – which are usually sold at auction – are to be released for retail.

The new release is the oldest of Highland Park’s Vintage releases dating back to 1964, and is to be accompanied by a full strength 40-year-old version, which will cost £2250.

Jason Craig of Highland Park said that after an “obsession” with the aging process, the whisky is ready for fans to enjoy.

He said: “We have worked tirelessly to take the Vintages from the initial concept to reality and we are exceptionally pleased with the end result.“Followers of Highland Park respect and knowingly trust our instinctive nose and tastings and the ‘Vintages’ certainly meet our high standards.

“We have used the best craftsmanship and time old traditions to create the ’64 and the ’68 and feel very excited at being able to offer discerning whisky lovers from all over the world a very exclusive Highland Park tasting experience.

“Buyers will recognise our all-pervading obsession with quality and attention to detail; distinct aromas balanced with a full-bodied floral sweetness that comes from a long-term maturation that is distinct to Highland Park.”

Highland Park use sherry casks to give their whiskies a rich flavour, while they use a measure of peat to give it the famous Scottish island taste.

Founded in 1798, it is the only distillery based in Orkney, and is famous for malting its own barley, as well as using locally cut peat from Hobbister Moor.

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  1. Great whisky Highland Park produces too – the chances of me getting to taste these expressions are pretty slim though. Just to correct one factual error . Although Highland Park is the most northerly distillery in the world it is not the only distillery in Orkney. The much smaller Scapa distillery is located on the northerly shores of the famous harbour of Scapa Flow – just under a mile to the south of Highland Park.

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