Scots not tested after one-night-stand


By Shaun Milne

SCOTS party-goers are the least likely to get checked out for sexually transmitted diseases they might have picked up on a one-night stand.

But one in 15 admit that they will still head to a Christmas party this year with the sole intention of picking up a partner for the night.

Almost a quarter of all Scots – 23 per cent – admit they sometimes get so drunk that they cannot remember parts of their night.

One out of every 33 also said they had unprotected sex with a work colleague after a Christmas party.

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain last night warned they expect the number of cases in Chlamydia – a bacterial infection which can affect men or women – to soar this year.

They claim the number of people having unprotected sex peaks at Christmas time seeing a big rush for emergency contraception – but just under 16 per cent of those most at risk will bother to get checked for STD’s too.

Spokeswoman Laura Wilson said: “Unfortunately Chlamydia is one of the UK’s most common sexually transmitted infections and if left untreated, can lead to infertility.”

“In Scotland many community pharmacies offer a free and confidential testing service with trusted healthcare professionals.”

“Although young people have said they would use a pharmacy for screening, the free service is quite new and there are still many who are not aware it exists.”

Half of all men and 75 per cent of women with Chlamydia show no signs of being infected.

One in 14 people are thought to be carriers in the UK.

Some 2000 people were quizzed for the survey by OnePoll between December 1 and 4 this year.

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