Yobs shatter bus window with snowballs


By Rory Reynolds

POLICE are hunting for three youths after the windscreen of a city centre bus was shattered by snowballs as it drove along a busy main road.

The Travel Dundee bus was attacked by yobs, who ran towards the vehicle pelting snowballs at it drove along Charleston Drive at around 7.50pm on Wednesday.

The bus pulled to a halt and was taken out of service, with the 15 passengers and driver escaping without injury.

The incident, described by Tayside Police as a “serious snowball related crime”, is the second in a week.

On Saturday a National Express Dundee driver was taken to Ninewells Hospital after a snowball sailed through a window, hitting him in the face.Two youths wearing dark clothing fled the scene after the incident, in which the driver had to slam on the brakes on the city’s Commercial Street.


The 50-year-old was treated for a scratched cornea caused by icy object.

Superintendent Kevin Lynch, Deputy Divisional Commander for Dundee, said that the result of the attacks had been more serious than the culprits realised.

He said: ‘‘The implications of throwing any type of missile – even a snowball – at a moving vehicle can be very serious indeed.

‘‘It is understandable that people get excited when the snow falls and throwing snowballs is something that has been enjoyed across the generations.


“But we would ask people to recognise the obvious dangers of throwing snowballs at vehicles and also to refrain from throwing snowballs at unwitting passers by and public and private property.

‘‘Tayside Police receives a significant number of complaints from the public about snowball throwing, which makes it absolutely clear that not everyone wants to take part in a snowball fight.

“Quite aside from the nuisance of it, there is the potential for damage when throwing packed snow at buildings. So if you are having a play fight with snowballs do it in safe surroundings with friends.’’

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