One dead and five injured in ice horror smash


By Rory Reynolds

ONE man has died and five others are in hospital after a horrific crash caused by treacherous icy roads.

Two adult males were flown by RAF helicopter to hospital in Dumfries, while two men and a child were rushed to hospital in Edinburgh yesterday afternoon.

A spokeswoman for the emergency services said that one car slid side-on after skidding on ice and ploughed into another at around 10.30am on the A701 near Tweedsmuir in the Borders.

A special trauma team from the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary was sent to the scene, because of the severity of the crash.

A spokeswoman for Lothian and Borders Fire and Rescue Service said: “We attended a road traffic collision at 10.30am this morning, on the A701 near Tweedsmuir, involving two vehicles, caused by the icy roads.“One vehicle has been involved in a side impact with another, after hitting ice.


“The vehicle that hit the ice has slid side-on and gone straight into another car coming round the bend.

“In the first vehicle was the fatality and two male casualties, who were taken by air ambulance to Dumfries Royal Infirmary.

“In the second vehicle there were two male adult casualties and a one male child casualty.

“The adult casualties went by ambulance to the ERI, the male child casualty was taken to the Sick Kids’ Hospital.

“We assisted the police in recovering the fatality from the car.”

A spokesman for the Scottish Ambulance Service said: “At 10.30am we received the 999 call. We had reports of a multiple vehicle incident involving a fatality.


“We also asked for assistance from the RAF.

“Two males were transported by RAF helicopter to Dumfries. Our paramedics went onboard to continue with care until we reached the hospital.

“Because of the severity of the incident a trauma team from the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary attended, including two doctors and one nurse.

“Two male patients were taken to the ERI arriving at 1.04pm, and the male child arrived at the Sick Kids’ Hospital at 1.33pm.”

A Lothian and Borders Police spokesman said last nigh: “Enquiries are ongoing into a fatal road collision this morning on the A701.

“As people are still being interviewed, no further information can be confirmed.”

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