TV Dragon Duncan Bannatyne bombarded with joke business ideas on Twitter


By Oliver Farrimond

FEARSOME Scots Dragon Duncan Bannatyne has been the victim of a comedy online hoax.

Users of the micro-blogging site Twitter bombarded the grumpy entrepreneur with joke business ideas – leaving the millionaire baffled.

One Tweeter – “Edza95” – suggested that everyone entering a “big company building” should get a free pie.

She said: “Dear Mr Dragon, I think people should get a free pie every time they go into one of those big-company buildings.

“And I also think that there should be a big, BIG pie for every person who comes in between 11am and 3pm – what do you think?”

The tycoon, who stars in BBC’s Dragon’s Den show, replied: “Are you serious?”

The scam was organised by TV funnyman Ross Noble, who earlier this year encouraged his 33,000 followers to bombard the Westminster government’s Twitter Tsar Kerry McCarthy with absurd questions.

And while McCarthy was game to play along, Bannatyne so far has only responded to one of the suggestions.

The Dragon’s has almost 25,000 followers on the site, and posts regular updates.

Recent highlights include: “Isn’t TV rubbish tonight?” and “Just been for my daily run and about to get in the shower now.”

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  1. I sent him two ideas and got nothhing back! Hes also taken it completly the wrong way and thinks hes being victimised in some way. He wants to have a word with himself and use some of the pots of gold at the bottom of his garden to try and buy a sense of humour.

  2. Interesting and creative use of twitter, however a joke should be funny for all and not create bad feelings between people, hence why @DuncanBannatyne chose to ignore. Imagine how funny it would have been if he had agreed to be in on the joke.

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