Snow-blanketed Britain seen from space

THE extent of Britain’s winter whiteout is revealed in a stunning picture from space, received today by scientists in Dundee.
The nationwide blanket of snow and ice came as temperatures dipped to as low as minus 18.
The image, sent by NASA’s Terra satellite, shows the UK framed by cloud sweeping in from the East.
Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond declared it Scotland’s worst winter in 50 years, while forecasters said the country faces another ten days of freezing conditions.
Britain’s usual green glow is wiped out in the chilling picture, which was picked up by the Dundee Satellite Receiving Station, overlooking the River Tay.
Based at Dundee University, staff at the satellite maintain an up-to-date archive of images from four polar orbiting satellites, as well as geostationary satellites covering the whole earth.
The snowy snapshot of Britain will be used by the Natural Environment Research Council, which funds science projects at universities across the country.


  1. so where is global warming?
    and please don’t say the cold caused by global warming, it insults people’s wisdom

    • At the risk of being shot down by the vocal, but unfortunately ill-informed climate change sceptics…YES, it is because of global warming! Do you think that the science of climate change predicts change that is restricted to uniform warming across the planet? That’s a convenient catch cry by the media, NOT the science. As anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of weather systems realises, disruptions to our normal patterns of weather will of course be manifested differently across the globe at any one time. We in Australia are suffering from above 40degC temperatures at the moment! What is happening to the world is that the old patterns are being disrupted and we will have an ongoing series of extreme temperatures, both high AND low. A cold snap in the Northern hemisphere does not dismiss a mountain of evidence showing that our planet is indeed warming overall. As for the comment below about “real science” and predictions of a cooling planet….please go and read the REAL science.

      This is the trouble with public discussions on matters underpinned by science. I agree that it is absolutely critical that the public debates serious practical and ethical issues that confront us all but to have a sensible debate the science behind the issue needs to be understood. There have been so many column inches written by those who clearly have no idea!!

      • @ Paul re your comment of 12.24 am Jan 11 2010
        Hear hear.

        As another lay person with an occasional ear for environmental science, I can remember first hearing a decade ago of authoritative predictions that climate change could very well make the UK wetter, but would not necessarily make it warmer. The actual effects can only be known with time but improved models help in the meantime.

        More extreme seasons are consistent with, rather than disproving, the concerns raised by the findings of decades of careful research.

    • Global warming will melt the North Pole
      This will result in a huge load of fresh water being ‘dumped’ into the ocean
      As salt water is denser than fresh there is a theory that says the gulf stream will change due to this. According to some scientists, there are always counter arguments, the gulf stream is one of the reasons behind the UK’s moderate temperature. It is likely seeing as Canada, the same latitude as the UK, experiences much colder winters

  2. Can the alarmists who claim we are going to die from global warming now please SHUT UP! You have been ignoring the real science that the planet is in fact cooling.

  3. Cool photos. There has certainly been more snowfall than usual this year, in most other parts of the world, like Eastern US and Eastern Europe, which are two regions I’m more familiar with.

  4. Every year the weather breaks records.

    As the UK changes to white, Australia is changing to red. It’s becoming a desert continent. Google for pictures of “Sydney dust storm” to see it happening already.

    Even if you decide that this climate change is not caused by man, and that it’s all natural phenomenon, what are you going to do about it? What happens when the world’s crops won’t grow due to snow/heat/drought/flood?

    Forget arguing over whose science is more accurate, and start dealing with what’s happening!

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