Woman escapes injury after careering off road into field


By Rory Reynolds

A YOUNG woman has escaped injury after her car careered off the road and landed in a field.

The 19-year-old was travelling along Leven Road in Kennoway, Fife, when she lost control of her black Vauxhall Corsa while turning a corner.

The car landed upside down in the field next to the road at around 8.30am yesterday.

Crews from Fife Fire and Rescue had to pull the windscreen off the front of the car with a suction device to rescue the girl, who was miraculously unharmed.

A spokesman for Fife Fire and Rescue said: “We attended a road traffic accident, with one patient trapped on Leven Road in Kennoway.

“We had to take the windscreen out of the car to rescue the woman, who was taken to Queen Margaret’s Hospital.”

A spokesman for Fife Police added: “We had reports of a 19-year-old who appears to have lost control of her car on a bend and the car has landed on its roof in a nearby field.

“Damage to the doors of the Corsa meant that the fire service removed her through the front window.

“Luckily she wasn’t injured at all, but was taken to hospital as a precaution.

“We didn’t need to close the road as the car was in the field.”