Sozzled swimmer sparks search


By Rory Reynolds

A DOZY drunk sparked a search and rescue yesterday after he staggered into a canal.

Emergency services were called to the Union Canal in Edinburgh after a passer-by saw a man plunge into the water.

Fire crews and paramedics searched for the sozzled swimmer in the Dalry area of the city at around 7am, before finding he had pulled himself out.

A spokesman for the Scottish Ambulance Service said that the man had been very drunk, and didn’t recall what had happened some minutes earlier.

He said: “We were called to Dorset Place at 6.56am.

“We had reports of a male submerged in the canal, and along with the fire brigade, searched for him in the water.

Very drunk

“The crew found the patient, who appears to have pulled himself out, wandering around.

“The patient was very drunk and didn’t remember much of what had happened.

“We transported him to hospital suffering from mild hypothermia.”


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