SuBo walks in winter wonderland after Italy trip


By Rory Reynolds

SUSAN Boyle had a Spring in her step yesterday as she went for a walk in winter wonderland.

The singing sensation donned the shocking pink coat and cosy jumper and stepped out of her humble West Lothian home to do some shopping.

SuBo – who has just returned from Sanremo in Italy, said that she had “a great time” but was happy to be having a rest back home in Scotland.

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  1. Beautiful picture. She looks beamingly happy, and she should be. It’s been a wonderful year for her.

  2. Hasn’t Susan read the tabloids or the US People magazine? She is supposed to be exhausted, anxious and terribly unhappy. And needs 24 hour care. She can’t just walk around Blackburn looking happy and have energy to go shopping.

  3. I have Susan;s’ CD which I listen to over and over. I hope she will have a good support system. I don’t think she is unstable any one who had lived her very quiet life would have difficulty with all of the fame and busy schedule. I am looking for another CD but I can wait until she want’s to make one. As a fan I don’t think she sould be pushed to do more than what is best for her.

    Thank you Susan for the hours of enjoyment and pleasure you give to the world.

  4. Caption should read: “Here I am World — It’s My Turn to FLY !!”
    The planet’s the limit for her and we support her all the way!
    She’s a beautiful heroine of compassion, persistence and grace —
    She’s “Who she was Born To Be.” (both quotes from her songs on
    her HIT CD “I Dreamed a Dream” … highest sales of any emerging
    female artist !!

  5. I love Susan Boyle and sympathize with her in the quandary of two of her brothers, namely Gerry and John Boyle, blasting for to all the press who have ears to hear of their personal remarks about their youngest sister. If I, myself, were to become lonely and unhappy and confided to same sort of thing to my family members, do you think that I would want or even suspect that those very same family members in whom I had confided would post an all-points-bulletin publicly so that everyone could say, “Poor driscollnh! How pitiful she is! She is all lonely and depressed. She needs to have 24-hour care. What will ever become of her?”

    Let me ask you, would any of you reading this dare do such a dastardly deed to their own flesh and blood? I think not. Should Susan actually be lonely and depressed and such a state that she should never be left alone, then why on earth do not Gerry and John Boyle BOTH get together with Susan and take her to her church priest and a competent psychiatrist PRIVATELY, and say nary a word about it to anyone else–much less blather it to the tabloids!

    I’ll say this for Susan. Without the help of those two brothers Susan took six buses to reach the auditorium in Glasgow so she could compete on January 21, 2009, on Britain’s Got Talent. With no one to accompany her (of whom I am aware) Susan gave her BGT audition performance, then had to make her own way back home to Blackburn again. Did any family member accompany Susan to this huge talent show? Did any family member offer Susan a ride to or from the auditorium? Have any family members aided Susan in her efforts and accomplishments to become the #1 singer in all the world? Did any family member provide Susan with her first coach? Did any family member support Susan’s acting schooling to better prepare her voice and her gestures for the stage?

    Susan, or anyone else on this planet, could very well become lovely and depressed. There is such a thing as a “smiling depression”. Psychiatrists are quite familiar with that. I am sure that priests must also know that state very well. If I, myself, were depressed, I would just keep on smiling the way I have always done; I know that for a fact.

    I think that it is high time for Gerry Boyle, who has spoken quite openly, publicly, and cheerfully about his sister, Susan, on any number of occasions since she first appeared on BGT, to straighten up his act and behave the way a good brother is supposed to behave. If eldest brother, John Boyle, actually spoke out saying that Susan should never be left alone and needs someone with her 24/7, then what has he been doing to aid Susan? One of Susan’s sisters has died. I believe that the other seven children of Susan’s parents are still alive and kicking. That makes about six of Susan’s siblings who could prove of quiet, confidential support to Susan. Each of the siblings have spouses also, who could prove to be of aid. Then there are all the nieces and nephews. I know that at least one niece of Susan has accompanied Susan recently on a couple of trips abroad.

    It is shameful for a magazine as widely read as the U.S.A. publication, “PEOPLE”, to feature a photo of Susan on it’s early March 2010 cover with the byline raising the question of whether Susan’s success is too much for Susan to handle. If I were writing an article about Susan, I would stress her enormous giftedness and successes. Susan has made entertainment history during the past year! She is a world-wide music sensation! Susan is in demand in countries around the globe. Susan with the help only of her God and Savior, to Whom she is most devoted and loyal, has arrived at the top of the entertainment world in God’s own pre-ordained time, in His own pre-ordained manner, and for His own pre-ordained glory! Ask Susan’s priest about that. Ask Susan, herself, about it. No sane person can deny the almighty power of our Omnipotent God to promote precisely whom He wants, where He wants, and when He wants. No man can thwart God’s will. But man and mankind as well as family members can certainly bow themselves before the Almighty, repent, and mend their ways. I know—because I, myself, have done it.

    • Oh NHddriscoll

      You were doing so well, then you ruined it.

      Susan got to the Clyde Auditorium in Glasgow. She went by bus and no divine intervention got her there.

      How dare you suggest that anyone who does not believe is not sane.

      Get off your soapbox. Oh I forgot you are writing with the backup from your gang aka supposedly Susan Boyle fans. Now they can all chastise me for daring to oppose your views and for stopping you imposing your religious nonsense on everyone else.

      Lose the preaching my dear and see the real llife.

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