Susan Boyle brothers feuding over star’s need for ‘constant care’


By Oliver Farrimond

THE BROTHERS of Susan Boyle are feuding over the Scots songbird’s future career.

John and Gerry Boyle are said to have fallen out over the influence of Susan’s manager Andy Stephens, following revelations that the West Lothian star needs constant care.

Andy travels with Susan as she thrills excited fans on her global tour promoting debut album I Dreamed a Dream, and comforted her after she fainted at Heathrow Airport last month.

Gerry, 55, approves of Andy’s management, whereas John has blamed the former manager of Geri Halliwell and George Michael for his sister’s recent unhappiness.

An insider said: “Both John and Gerry want only the best for Susan but there is conflict there.

“They have differing opinions on how they want Susan to be treated and managed.”

In an interview with an American magazine, John, 59, said that his sister was in a fragile emotional state and ill-equipped to cope with the roller-coaster ride of life in the spotlight.

He said: “It’s only manageable by having great patience with Susan – it’s difficult to diagnose.

“One night she’s ok, the next night she blows up – it’s a difficult situation, multiplied by fame.

“If Susan sat beside you, you would know that she had a wee problem.

“She has always had those problems.”

However John’s comments have not been received well at Susan’s record label, Sony.

An insider said: “It makes Susan out to be unstable and that is not the image they want to portray.

“Susan has a very capable management team backing her and they put her best interests first.

“The interview given by John Boyle was not appreciated.”

Susan – who is expected to make ?5 million from her first album – has had private security installed outside her modest West Lothian home following a break-in in January year, and is reportedly on the lookout for a move to the plush Chelsea district in London.

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  1. Having your brother divulge your most private secrets in a national magazine would make anyone angry. You wouldn’t have to have a “wee problem” to become justifyably angry over that. We all have our little idiosyncrisies and things we’d like to keep to ourselves. After all, she’s not going after a job as a politician or statesman or grocery store clerk or talk-show host where a charismatic personality is required. She’s a singer, the greatest singer in the world. She’s prefectly suited to that calling. John and Gerry, with all due respect, I wish you would shut up.

  2. HI,
    The brothers need to leave Susan Boyle alone. Where were they before she came out to sing.Her mom always wanted her too be singer and she did this for her.They say mother always knows best.
    So now that Susan Boyle is ranking in the money,now they come out to speak ill of there sister.I say get your own life and let her live hers the best way she knows how.
    Susan Boyle my money is on you and if i could help you in anyway i would be there for you. Your the best no matter what your brothers say.

  3. Where were these brothers when Susan was taking care of her parents – all alone. Amazing how devoted’ and concerned they are now that their sister is on the way to becoming a millionaire. Gerry, a ne-er do well , unemployed , big idea guy now has little sister’s money in his sights instead of continuing to sponge off his son. Note to Susan: NEVER HIRE A RELATIVE AND NEVER LET THEM INTO YOUR POCKETBOOK OR YOUR BUSINESS!!

    • Gerry and John, LEAVE HER ALONE. Seems as if that’s what you’ve always done. I agree about them being from another century. Gerry, especially, appears to be setting himself up to sponge off her. I read he presented some of his big ideas to Simon, of all things. I’ve heard he is now sponging off his SON! She’s the best – they are nothing. With family like them, who needs enemies?

  4. I wish the brothers will stop talking to the press. How is this helping Susan in any way? John Boyle is even more of an idiot that the other one. Susan is having one succesful performance after the other and looks very happy. Now that she prove what she can do, comes this idiot to talk about her disabily again, what is he looking for? I think them both are looking for control and not much for Susan happiness. Stop betraing her by going to the press, you are not the stars here, Susan is.I want to see and hear her.Look at Gerry in the pic above, he feels like the star.

  5. If this squabbling continues, the fans will believe there is nothing more to which to look forward and be dropping her, and her brothers will have ruined her career!

    You can bet on it! After I heard all this I personally emailed Gerald and told him as much.

    I’d ‘kick my family to kingdom come’ with a tough tongue-lashing if they “spoke for me”.

  6. Negative comments like “SuBo needs 24 hour care” or “she has undiagnosed mental problem” even from her own brothers, is quite upsetting. Why do people so quick to criticize others instead of helping them? We lost Prince Diana, largely due to cruelty of people around her. We do not want any tragedy to happen. We want to keep SuBo as a live Cinderella with us. If someone needs 24 hrs care, that care has to be provided. If there is any problem, that problem has to be taken care of instead of blaming that person. If a patient has a disease, all efforts need to be exercised to cure that disease. We don’ criticise that patient. If a child is born with a genetic disease like ADHD or autism, we don’t blame the child. We just do our best to care for them. The same principle applies to Susan Boyle. She became a music star, then she needs to be taken care of. If someone is fragile, she needs more care. That’s not abnormal or something to be ridiculed for. Someone like her management team, develop a long term plan for her and her music to make her stronger until she can become more independent. She is a treasure admired by the world, and let’s keep her as treasure

  7. “They have differing opinions on how they want Susan to be treated and managed.”

    Don’t those boys understand their opinions are irrelevant? It’s up to Susan to decide how she wants to be treated and managed. Her brothers seem stuck in another century, when a woman was property, passed down from her father to her brothers to her husband, with no legal standing or rights of her own. Haven’t you heard, fellas? Times have changed, and so have the laws. You don’t get to run Susan’s life anymore, she does that now. And how she’s treated and managed does not require your approval.

  8. Who cares if they APPROVE of Susan’s management or not. If she’s not satisfied with them, she’ll do something about it.
    Maybe she doesn’t approve of them either, but she’s not announcing it to the world.
    They can learn something from their sister. Keep their mouths shut and mind their own business like she does.

  9. If those brothers really had Susan’s best interests at heart, they would keep their mouths shut and discuss these things privately. A comment like Susan needs 24 hour care is NOT helpful to Susan in any way.

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