Dog charity pleads with pet lovers to adopt ruff pooch


By Rory Reynolds

A DESPERATE dog is so lacking in the looks department it has been waiting almost a YEAR to be re-homed.

Animal charity bosses looking after crossbreed Patsy have grown so tired of their ugliest resident being passed over that they are now promising to pay any vet bills for the rest of her life if someone will take her.

Staff at the Dogs Trust have been trying to find a new home for her after she took up residence at the Livingston centre nearly a year ago – but haven’t been able to because she is “lacking in the fluffy looks department”.

Susan Tonner, manager at the West Calder re-homing centre said: “Patsy is a fabulous dog.

“But a combination of her nerves and her colour – dark coloured dogs are often overlooked at re-homing centres – mean that she hasn’t yet caught the eye of a new owner.

“She is a very sensitive wee dog who is scared of loud noises and the wind and needs a loving home where she can feel safe.

“But she’s an absolutely sweetheart and a favourite with the staff.

“She has the very best care here but it’s no substitute for a loving family home.”

Patsy is vaccinated, neutered and microchipped and Dogs Trust say they will pay her vet bills for the remainder of her life.

The centre can be contacted on 01506 873 459.