Police appeal after canal man found with hole in chest


By Rory Reynolds

POLICE in Edinburgh are attempting to piece together the final movements of a man whose body was found in a canal.

The remains of Anthony Muise were found in waterway near to the Imperial War Museum in Manchester’s Trafford Park in late February.

Detectives say that the 53-year-old died from a single puncture wound to the chest.

The Canadian national had been travelling the UK after gaining an inheritance and had spent last Christmas and New Year in the Scottish capital.

Police say that Anthony socialised in Edinburgh’s gay community and are appealing for anyone who knew him to help them with the investigation.

They said that so far little is known about exactly where Anthony went or about any of his “acquaintances, relationships and movements”.


His death is being treated as unexplained, and police say they are keeping an “open mind” following the post-mortem.

They also said that he had inherited a “significant amount” after his mother died in 2004 and had previously toured the United States.

One of Anthony’s closest friends, Karen Hawkins, who lives in London, Ontario, said that he was attacked in a Manchester bar in 2008 while on holiday.

She said that Anthony, who is originally from Ontario, had told her he was worried he had developed a degenerative brain condition following the attack.

The 50-year-old said: “I went to visit him in Scotland in October 2009 and I could tell he wasn’t his old self.”

“Convinced he was going to die

“He was convinced he was going to die and he went to Manchester. I’m pretty sure he chose to go there after what happened two years previously, probably in a fatalistic kind of way.”

She added that while staying in Edinburgh Anthony had become friends with three men called Chaz, Peter and Mike, as well as a barman at Frenchies Bar in Rose Street, who she said may be able to help piece together the last months of his life.

Police have release a pictures and CCTV footage of Anthony at Piccadilly Station in Manchester from January 19.

In an appeal to the public Detective Chief Inspector Jon Chadwick, of Greater Manchester Police’s Major Incident Team, said: “We’ve had a team of detectives working on this case, but Anthony’s final movements and friendships have remained elusive.

“We know that he arrived in Manchester on 19 January 2010 as we have CCTV images of him arriving at Piccadilly train station at 4.15pm.


“We also know that he had visited several towns and cities across England and Scotland since he arrived in Britain for an extended holiday last June.

“We are aware that Anthony inherited a significant amount following the death of his mother in 2004 and he used this money to finance his travels.

“What we don’t know is exactly who he met and spent time with while here in the UK. We know he visited a number of gay communities, including here in Manchester and in Edinburgh. He spent Christmas and New Year in Edinburgh.

“He died from a puncture wound to the chest and we are keeping an open mind about how he came to be injured.

“We do know he had told family and friends in the months before his death that he believed he had some kind of degenerative condition and he did intimate that he may harm himself.

“His family and friends just want your help in putting the final pieces together in this jigsaw.”