Proclaimers to play tribute gig 20 years after Hibs saved


By Rory Reynolds

THEY’VE toured the globe and had sell-out crowds chanting along to 500 miles for more two decades.

But The Proclaimers still reckon they will be bags of nerves when they play a special gig in front of thousands of fans to mark the best save in Hibs’ history.

Lifelong fans Craig and Charlie Reid are to pay tribute to the Edinburgh side at a concert in their home city to celebrate the campaign that saved the club from merging with rivals Hearts.

However even after the success of the 48-year-old twins’ biggest world tour to date, they say they will still be nervous before playing to a fan-packed Usher Hall.

Craig, 48, said: “It’s a great thing that Hibs are still going strong, at the time there was a real fear that the club would be lost, but the attempts by Wallace Mercer failed.

“You have to laugh now, but at the time the club was on the brink, it was within days of being taken over.

“There was disbelief, then anger, about what was happening, but people came together.

“We even bought shares in the club to keep the price up.

“We’ve done the Usher Hall over the years and we’ve played at Hibs Supporters’ gigs before, but I’ve a feeling this will be a big one.

“And because it’s the club and it’s for charity as well, I think there will be a few nerves before hand.”

His brother Charlie added: “Aye, I think there will be, because it’s the Hibs family.

“We played there last year I think, and there’s always a few Hibs shirts in the audience when we come to Edinburgh, but I think there’ll be quite a few this time.”

The Proclaimers, who shot to fame after I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) was released on their 1988 album, Sunshine on Leith, were part of the Hands off Hubs campaign 20 years ago.

The Easter Road side was on the brink of closure after Hearts boss Wallace Mercer attempted to buy up 75 per cent of the club in 1990, but lost the bid after Kwik Fit tycoon Tom Farmer saved the club.

The campaign was run by Hibs supporter Kenny McLean, whose son Kenny, 61, is to be guest of honour, along with Sir Tom Farmer, at the event on June 9.

Alongside The Proclaimers will be former Marillion front man and fellow Hibs fan Fish.

The 52-year-old, who now lives in East Lothian, will play with his band at the Usher Hall for the first time since he had major surgery on his throat following a cancer scare.

He said: “I remember when it was happening all those years ago while I was on tour.

“We used to have to find a hotel so we could get my dad to fax through the newspaper in pieces, just to see if the club was still there.

“I think it will be a great gig to celebrate where the club is and I don’t think any of us would have thought we would still be here in 1990.

“I came back last year after the operation but did too much and had to take a rest.

“The Usher Hall gig for Hibs will be the first time I’ve sung in over a year, I only got the all-clear two weeks ago.

“I’m really proud to be doing it and as a Hibs fan, you feel it’s part of the club’s history.”

The proceeds from the gig will go towards the Hibernian Former Players’ Association and Alzheimer Scotland.


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