Police investigate the death of a woman after fall from flat

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By Martin Graham

POLICE are investigating the death of a 31-year-old woman after she apparently fell from the window of a flat early on Sunday morning.

Emergency services were called to the flat at 59 Dundas Street in Edinburgh’s New Town at around 2.30am this morning.

The flat at Dundas Street where the woman fell

They found the woman, who has not been named, in the basement at the front of the property, but paramedics were unable to revive her and she was declared dead at the scene.

Sources say that the woman may have been attending a party at the flat.

A blood covered stretcher and a bloody sheet were still visible in the basement of the property.

Neighbour Chris Thompson, 29, lives on the top floor of the same building.

He said: “My bedroom is at the back so I didn’t see or hear anything.

“I knew the people in the flat were having a party because I saw a couple of beer bottles on the stairs.

“They haven’t been there that long, I think the flat is let to students, lots of flats on the stairs are either festival lets or short term student lets.”

Brothers Robbie Dickson, 30, and Douglas Dickson, 27, live opposite the flat at 60 Dundas Street.

They witnessed the aftermath of the incident as they returned home.

Robbie said: “We came back at around three and we could see two ambulances and five police cars.

“There were about 15 people sitting on the steps of the flat and they were clearly upset, some were crying.

“Other people were being questioned by police on their own.

“There were about 25 people there in total, it looked like there had been a party going on.

“I came back out about an hour later and most of the people had gone, there were just a couple of police and a plain clothes guy left.”

Douglas said: “I asked the plainclothes what was happening and he just said it was an ongoing investigation, he wouldn’t say anything else.”

Lal Bakshi, 60, runs the grocery store at the corner of the block.

He said that the police were there when he came to open up at 5.15am.

Explaining what he had heard about the incident, Mr Bakshi said: “I heard that she was sitting on the window ledge and fell off, it’s very sad.”

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  1. Although I didn’t know her I was at the party, this was the most horrible night of my life. I send her close ones and relatives my condolences. It was a horrible, horrible accident.

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