Oil leak starts fire in Fife power station


MULTIPLE emergency service crews attended a fire in a Scottish Power station which was believed to have been started by an oil leak.

Longannet coal power station – about two miles from Kincardine in Fife – caused serious concern after a fire broke out in the main turbine hall.

Emergency services were called at 11.31am yesterday to deal with the blaze.

Derek McRoberts, a lorry driver for Gogar Logistics, said: “I was leaving the power station when it happened but I saw a lot of smoke and the fire alarms were going off and then when I was coming back I saw a few fire engines about.

“Security have told me there were quite a few fire engines and a few ambulances as well.”

He added: “The lorries in front of me, when they came back to the station, they got held outside but they have let them in now. It can’t have been that serious.”

A spokesperson for Scottish Power said: “It was a small incident which started from one of the main units used to generate electricity in the turbine hall.

“There are four generating units in total and it is often the case that not all of them are turned on at the same time.  One of the units was undergoing maintenance and it looks like while they were doing work on the turbine oil came out and that started the fire.

He added: “It was a minor incident and our trained fire teams put the fire out in minutes.  The main fire was put out and the oil supply switched off before the fire brigade arrived.

A spokesperson for Fife Fire and Rescue Service said; “We did initially think that there were people involved but all persons have been accounted for.

“There were two crews from Fife and two from Central in attendance.  Four breathing apparatus sets were used.

“Two fire teams from Longannet power station were also involved and two dry powder fire extinguishers were used.

A spokesperson for the Scottish Ambulance Service said: “We were in attendance at a fire at the Longannet power station. Our special operations team and multiple crews were there”

REPORT: Clare Carswell and Anna Gault

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