Snow-shooting robot could be secret weapon in city snowball fight


HERE’S a sure fire way to win a snowball fight – have a giant robot on your side.

The ultimate winter warrior – ironically called Mr Snow – is a towering 3.9 meters tall and will take on all comers in Edinburgh city centre from next week

He was the brainchild of Edinburgh College of Art students Thomas Payne, 23, and Matthew Swan, 23, who modelled him on wind-up, tin robots popular in the 1950s.

The snow-bot – complete with a gold wind-up key in its back and flashing lights for eyes – will be stationed at St Andrew’s Square.

Part of the Edinburgh Sparkles promotional campaign he is sure to be a target for a volley of pelting in the winter weather.

But while stationary, he can pack a punch back, shooting snow 10 metres into the air at passers by.

Matthew Swan who was responsible for the initial design and the projects logistics said: “It’s a bit of a monster”.

“But it’s got a nice smiley face so I really hope it’s going to be well liked.  The majority of it will be painted baby blue with red boots and a red nose. 

“The red boots are not intended to be any parody of Santa or a traditional image of Christmas but I suppose red does have a strong link to Christmas.”

“It looks quite imposing.  I have never made anything that big before, all I’ve done before is 2D pictures.

“I don’t think Thomas or I knew just how big a project it was going to until we got started.”

They won a competition as part of Edinburgh Sparkles for the best alternative Christmas decorations.

Runner up in the competition was by another Edinburgh College of Art student, Astrid Jaekel, who created an illuminated re-telling of the Snow Queen using delicate paper cut-outs.

They are appearing as a story trail in 18 windows throughout the city and illuminated from 3.30pm until 2am each day.

The artists won a competition run by Destination Edinburgh Marketing Alliance to appear in the city centre as part of the ‘Alternative Christmas Decorations’ during the city’s Edinburgh Sparkles campaign promoting the festive holidays.

Chief Executive of Destination Edinburgh Marketing Alliance (DEMA), Kenneth Wardrop “These are great additions to what’s an already brilliant programme in Edinburgh this Christmas.

“These students have produced brilliant work that’s creative, different and, most importantly, fun. We’re delighted to support local talent as part of our Edinburgh Sparkles campaign.”