Office-bound and nuts


Snow, as we know, has caused chaos across the UK and particularly in Scotland.  There have been motorists stranded in their cars overnight in fiercely cold temperatures, thousands unable to get to work and of course kids have been delighted with the days they have had away from school.

However, I wish to highlight the lesser known disruption caused by such extraordinary weather … insanity.  To be fair I have always had faint streak of the unhinged but in the nicest possible way.

You see the thing is, the frequency of these polite yet inexplicable moments increase the longer that I have been cooped up.  So, what with the huge dump of snow on the roads and my car’s inability to steer correctly (yes blaming my tools) – I’ve been out and about less than usual.  The result of this is shown above.

This video shows:

A. My attempt to consume a Tunnock’s Snowball in as few munches as possible.

B. Shaun Milne’s equally deranged decision to make a slideshow with voice over.

We have lost the plot.  Send help.  I’m off to put a message in a bottle so that when the snow melts it may be carried to our rescuer.

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