War over SuBo karaoke trophy called to a truce


A FIGHT over a karaoke trophy won by Susan Boyle has finally ended after warring parties have agreed to sell the award and give the proceeds to charity.

Susan Boyle was crowned karaoke champion three times in her hometown of Blackburn, West Lothian before she became a worldwide singing sensation last year.

The runner-up in the TV show, Britain’s Got Talent in 2009, won the Matt McRae Memorial Trophy for her karaoke skills three times and most recently in 2008.

In was after this win that Susan’s brother, John, gave the trophy to Peter Mulholland, of Blackburn Bowling Club.

The town’s gala committee disputed Mr Mulholland’s ownership of the award, claiming that it belonged to them and apparently threatened to call the police if Peter did not hand it back.

The two parties have called a truce and in an act of goodwill and have agreed that the trophy will be sold on eBay to raise funds for the children’s charity CHAS.

Peter, 45, said “Things have been sorted out now and it has all been smoothed over.

“It has been a bit of a misunderstanding but it has been resolved now.

“Susan is hugely popular all around the world so we have no idea how much it will make.  There could be loads of Susan Boyle collectors out there.”

One of Susan’s relatives said: “Susan’s done a lot for charity and she has endorsed the eBay sale of the trophy.

“The money will go to the CHAS appeal, which is close to Susan’s heart.”

The award in question was named after a local man who used to run Blackburn’s gala day committee.

The karaoke competition is held every year at the bowling club as part of the gala day celebrations.

Across the pond, SuBo narrowly missed out on an American Christmas number one as her album, The Gift was edged out by Taylor Swift’s, Speak Now.  However, the Scot did manage to sell more than Michael Jackson’s posthumous LP titled, Michael.

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