Sparky the swearing parrot – owner reveals all about swearing, singing and Britain’s Got Talent


A SWEARING parrot has become such a huge internet hit his owners have turned their home into a fortress to keep him safe.

Videos of Sparky turning the air blue have racked up more than three million hits on YouTube.

The bird squawks X-rated one-liners such as: “I’ll boot yer b**s son”, “haw b**bag” and “Aw for f***’s sake”.

But owners Jim Connelly and Wilma Towhill, from Kilmarnock, fear the foul-beaked African Grey could become a dead parrot.

They fear he will be stolen or kidnapped and held to ransom.

Jim has installed steel bars on the back door, fitted security cameras and an alarm, and attached heavy-duty locks to all the doors and windows.

They’re so worried about Sparky coming to harm, they even take him with them on caravan holidays.

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