Self-painted portraits by Scottish artists to go on display at National Gallery


PORTRAITS of some of Scotland’s most admired artists will go on display at the National Gallery in Edinburgh on Thursday.

The collection will include 32 prints and drawings created over the last 300 years, many of which were produced by the artists themselves.

It will give art-lovers a chance to delve into the person behind the painting, with highlights including portraits of Sir Henry Raeburn, Allan Ramsay and Sir David Wilkie.

A pair of shared portraits by Raeburn and his mentor David Deuchar, is a rare opportunity to see Raeburn’s earliest known work, and will also provide an insight into the artists’ friendship and mutual respect.

The show will also include a youthful self-portrait by Eduardo Paolozzi, sketched on the cover of a book of nursery rhymes when he was around 11-years-old, and is believed to be his earliest surviving work.

The exhibition runs from 10 February to 5 June 2011 and admission is free.

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