Pix – Nicola Benedetti Scholarship Fund launch


VIOLIN virtuoso, Nicola Benedetti has said that Government cuts and the rising expense of university study is “frightening” and could pose a threat to Scotland’s cultural future.

The world renowned 23 year old musician spoke out at Edinburgh University where she was launching the Nicola Benedetti Scholarship Fund, which is to offer opportunities to those who otherwise may not have the chance to take part in Italian Studies at Edinburgh.
She said: “It’s a frightening situation that sometimes the more talented and eager students aren’t able to be studying those subjects because of financial reasons and if I can ever have an ounce of difference in to that situation I would always take that step.

“I think it’s a hugely important thing and really quite terrifying that it’s not the case that it’s always the most promising and exciting students that really get the chance to study.

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