Businessman hits out at jobseekers


A BUSINESSMAN has lashed out at workshy Scots after he spent 25,000 on recruitment fees and only found one new employee.

Jeff Sladden, who runs a publishing business in Fife, said he has been trying to recruit for eight months but only 2% of those invited to interview bother to turn up.

Sladden is offering a basic salary of up to 15,000 but says he is considering shutting part of the business because of lack of interest.

He needs as many as 15 staff but is currently struggling on with four workers and has only recruited one in the past year.

He said:

“We reckon we’ve spent up to 25,000 on recruiting between newspaper advertising and recruitment consultants and we’ve taken on board one person this year.

“Considering in all the papers it’s constantly saying that more and more jobs are being lost, it’s ridiculous. “

Sladden, whose firm is based in Dalgety Bay and produces discount voucher booklets, says he has been treated to every excuse in the book when it comes to people avoiding interviews and training.

He believes his company is being used by the unemployed to get their jobseeker’s allowance.

“I think it’s just their attitude and the fact that it’s easier to sit on the dole. People think they can get it all and just sit in their house,’ he said.

“I was really unhappy that people were using us as a dole check. I probably had over 20 people respond through the job centre and haven’t had one turn up yet.

“It was taking up a quite a lot of my time to get people their dole. “

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