Carjack woman was councillor’s daughter


By Kirsty Topping

The bollard caused the car to flip onto its roof

A councillor has told how his daughter was carjacked in broad daylight by a man who escaped from Reliance officers.

Catriona Perry was forced out of her can by the man, who then proceeded to drive it at a security officer then led police on a high-speed chase through Edinburgh.

The man had fled from Reliance staff near St Leonard’s police station and flagged her black Ford Fiesta down in nearby Holyrood Park Road, simply saying


He then moved into the driver’s seat, drove at the reliance officer before making off across the city centre. The chase only came to an end when he ploughed into a bollard in a residential area in Leith, leaving it a write off.

The chase began at around 8.15, lasted around 15 minutes and involved dozens of officers.

Labour councillor for Edinburgh Ian Perry said his daughter had been on her way to work at the time and had been left badly shaken by the ordeal.

He said:

“This was a traumatic experience for my daughter but fortunately she wasn’t injured.

“Clearly she is upset over what happened. Catriona had the cood sense to get out of the car when he got in. At no point did she engage the guy and that was the right thing to. The worst situation you’d want to be in is stuck in the car with him. “

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