Schoolboy impales leg through spike on railings


A 13-year-old boy had to be taken to hospital after getting his leg skewered through a spike on railings at his school.

It is thought that the second year pupil slipped while trying to jump the fence at Drummond Community High School in Edinburgh.

The metal spike went through the back of the boy’s leg at his knee and he had to be cut free by the fire service.

The incident took place at around 8.30am and the boy was stuck for over an hour as fire crews carefully used hydraulic cutting equipment to free him.

Ambulance crews arrived and gave the boy oxygen before taking him to the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary at around 9.45am.

Many pupils at the school witnessed the incident and were quickly pulled away by teachers.

One boy said:

“I saw him climb over the fence and he slipped and got stuck.

“There is a fence to separate the school from a church and that’s where it happened. There is a pole missing now.

“It was pretty gruesome, the pole went right through. We all got pulled over to one side and I saw the ambulance coming. They were here for about an hour. “

A spokesman for Lothian and Borders Fire Service said:

“A young boy got stuck by the leg on railings. The fire service used cutting equipment and gave him oxygen until the arrival of the ambulance service. “

The teenager has now been sent home from hospital and no lasting damage has been done to his leg.

A spokesman for the City of Edinburgh Council said: “School staff came to the aid of their pupil immediately while others called the emergency services and the pupil’s parents.

“Fortunately the pupil has been sent home from hospital and it would appear that no serious damage has been done.

“However, the school will look very closely at this incident to avoid something similar happening again.”

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