Mark Beaumont trains for latest arctic challenge


Record-breaking sports personality Mark Beaumont paid a visit today to Edinburgh Napier University’s newest campus in Sighthill, Edinburgh, in the run up to his latest expedition.

The acclaimed 28-year-old cyclist, BBC documentary maker and public speaker is getting ready for a gruelling 500 mile rowing trip through the Canadian Arctic in July. He will be filming the expedition for a BBC documentary, highlighting the dramatic effects of climate change on the ice in the Polar Regions.

Mark had a chance during his visit to get a taste of Arctic conditions he will face in the University’s new, state of the art environmental chamber.’? At a cost of 85,000, it’s designed to both help athletes acclimatise to different environmental conditions and to help with rehabilitation. It can vary the environmental temperate from -10 to +50 Degrees Celsius, alter the humidity levels between zero to one hundred per cent and replicate altitudes of up to 5,000 meters

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