Unhappy couples could soon divorce on mobile phones


Unhappy couples will soon be able to get a divorce through their mobile phones thanks to a Scots legal firm.

Legal specialists Divorce Law Scotland (DLS) are planning to release an application for smartphones offering legal advice for those seeking to split from their partners.

Quick online divorces, known as Evorces, can already be carried out by email with most couples needing to meet a lawyer only once.

But now DLS are planning to make the process even smoother with the downloadable app.

Amanda Wilson, senior solicitor at DLS, said:

“The application would simply offer guidelines and advice, depending on what type of divorce the person was going through.

“It is at a very early stage, but there is no reason why it wouldn’t work in Scotland.

“There are apps for everything now – people do their shopping or book holidays using applications.

“I don’t see why we can’t offer legal advice.

“There’s a convenience factor in being able to go through the process online.

“We have simplified DIY divorces. That’s when there are no children under-16 involved and no financial dispute.

“These can be carried out entirely online, apart from one form which has to be signed in person by a notary public, such as a solicitor.

“Even divorces where there are children under-16 can be completed with one visit to your solicitor.

“The rest can be completed entirely online.

“A lot of people have busy lifestyles. If they go through the legal process online, they can go at their own pace and fill out the forms on their laptop on the train home or even on their iPhone.

“There will always be divorce, but we’re not promoting it.

“This just makes the process a little easier for people at what is a very difficult time for them. “

But Simon Calvert, spokesman for The Christian Institute, has concerns about the ease of Evorces.

He said:

“Anything that looks to turn divorce into a commodity that can be bought from a supermarket or from the iPhone app store can’t be a good thing.

“Wouldn’t it be nice to see a marriage counselling app for phones instead? “

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