Teacher struck off over claims she had sex with pupil


A SCOTS teacher has been struck off over claims she had sex with one of her pupils and bought alcohol for him and a friend.

Christine Fair, was an art teacher at Larkhall Academy in Glasgow and was suspended from the school after being accused of having sexual relations with a pupil between May 2009 and June 2009 when the pupil was then aged from 16 to 18.

She was also accused of purchasing alcohol for pupils on 10 June 2009 at Airth Castle in Airth during their school prom.

At a disciplinary hearing of the General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTCS) today (Tue) both charges against Ms Fair were found proved and she was struck off.

In a document published on the GTCS website stating the outcome of the hearing it is said that Ms Fair did not attend the hearing but it was decided that it should go ahead in her absence.

A statement written by her was produced which,

“made it clear that she had no intention of attending any hearing of the sub-committee or of responding to any further correspondence with the GTCS. “

Witnesses at the hearing were Fiona Ballantyne, Douglas Kinsman and Tom Dingwall, all teachers at Larkhall Academy.

It is stated that Mr Kinsman gave evidence about rumours regarding Ms Fair having sex with a pupil.

While investigating Mr Kinsman was approached by the pupil who

“reported concerns about the rumours but confirmed to him that this had in fact taken place.”

There were also further interviews with the pupil when he was accompanied by his sister and his father and it was confirmed that a sexual relationship had taken place.

It is also stated in the document that Mrs Ballantyne

“had been made aware by the staff at Airth Castle Hotel that the respondent had purchased alcohol for a group of pupils at the School Prom held on 10 June 2009.”

Mrs Ballantyne said that she witnessed Ms Fair giving the pupils drinks and Mr Kinsman said that he had been advised of the incident by hotel staff.

It is said that Ms Fair also admitted to Mr Kinsman and Mr Dingwall that she had done this.

After all evidence was heard it was decided that Ms Fair should be struck off.

The document says:

“The Sub-Committee decided to direct that the Registrar remove the Respondent’s name from the Register. In arriving at this decision members took into account the gravity of the charges and the need to maintain public confidence in the profession and ensure the protection of young people. “

Ms Fair’s name has also been referred to the Scottish Ministers to be included on a list of those not allowed to work with children.

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