£50K metal theft leaves Tattoo with a not-so-grandstand view


50,000 worth of steel intended for the construction of the new Edinburgh Tattoo grandstand has been stolen.

The multi-million pound project has been set back after two trailers containing 20 tonnes of steel girders were taken from an industrial estate in Livingston over the weekend.

Police described the theft as planned but the organisers of the Edinburgh Tattoo have insisted that the new grandstand will be completed on schedule despite the theft.

The steel was described as

“integral’ to the hosting of the Tattoo by police and organisers revealed that the girders had been specially made for the continuing construction of the grandstand at Edinburgh Castle.

The 16 million grandstand has been created to replace the temporary stands that have been placed on the castle esplanade for the last 35 years.

As well as the 50,000 worth of steel girders missing, police say that the trailers they were on also had

“significant value.”

It appeared that the trailers were driven from the compound and the steel may have already been moved across the country.

A Tattoo spokesman said:

“We are still hopeful that this steel can be recovered and we have been told by police that is a possibility, but while these pieces had been designed specifically for the grandstand, we have been assured it will not affect the project.

“We have rescheduled the ongoing construction work to avoid any delays and if needs be we can get these pieces replaced in around six weeks. “

The trailers were stolen some time between 8.45pm on Sunday and 7.30am on Monday from Houston Industrial Estate on Muir Road, Livingston.

Police are appealing for anyone who may have information on the theft to come forward.

The trailers are both 45ft red extendable articulated trailers. One has the number 12 and the other 21 on a yellow sign on the front and left-hand side of the trailer.

A police spokesman said:

“This theft is likely to have been planned, as specialist heavy lifting equipment would have been required.

“It is possible that those responsible were mainly interested in the trailers. However, we would urge members of the public to stay vigilant and to contact us if they have information.

“With steel prices remaining high, it is likely that the steel has been specifically targeted.

“It’s important dealers and tradesmen are aware that this steel has been stolen, as someone may well try to sell it on in the next few days.

“It might already by en route elsewhere in the country or might still be in the local area. “

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