Vandals go on £23,000 school wrecking spree


By Kirsty Topping

Heads Margot MacAlister of St Francis (right) and Sadie Millar of Niddrie Mill survey the damage

THUGS have caused 23,000 of damage in a

“mindless’ wrecking spree at two city primary schools.

Vandals attacked the building shared by Niddrie Mill and St Francis primaries in Edinburgh, smashing 34 windows.

Stunned staff returned to a scene of devastation on Tuesday, following a local holiday on Monday.

The vandals are believed to have struck at any time between Friday and Tuesday and the city’s education leader, Marilyne MacLaren, has vowed to do everything possible to catch them.

She said: “This act of mindless vandalism is difficult to stomach as it is an attack on two of our most beautifully designed school buildings, which are assets to the community.“The money to replace the broken windows would have been much better spent in the classrooms or on extra- curricular activities for pupils.“We will do everything we can to track down the perpetrators. In this regard I would urge anyone who knows anything about this incident to report it to the police immediately.”Local councillor Maureen Child described the attack on the schools as a “devastating blow”. She said: “Instances of vandalism seem to have reduced in recent months and over the year, so it’s hugely disappointing and very upsetting that this has happened.

A vandalised doorway at the school building

“The schools are fantastic facilities for the children, the staff and the whole community.“It’s a devastating blow to come in and discover this has happened. We have to ask why and ask what satisfaction anyone would get out of it? It’s inexplicable. It’s not indicative of what the community is like.”The joint school, costing 16m, opened in 2008.


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