Woman found dead in Grangemouth


POLICE enquiries are continuing into the death of a woman found dead in a flat in Grangemouth on Sunday evening.Detectives are still trying to work out what happened but said a man has been detained after an

“incident’ at the address.Today speculation was rife among locals about the incident. One resident, who did not wish to be named, claimed several police arrived at the scene at about six o’clock yesterday and cordoned off the house.The same person said an officer remained on guard at the entrance to property this morning.Shopkeeper Hajinder Singh, of the Almond Convenience Store, claimed that a middle-aged man ran into his store to make an emergency 999 call, saying that a woman was dying, before leaving again quickly.However, many other residents did not notice anything out of the ordinary around the time of the death.Earlier rumours that the victim was in her teens were dismissed by Central Scotland Police as

“completely wrong.’The investigation into the incident continues.

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