Man condemned for ‘planking’ on top of road sign


The man perched on top of the roadsign

A THRILL-SEEKER risked his life as part of the latest craze by perching himself on top of a motorway sign.

The male lay face down on an information sign, thought to be on the A9 near Perth, as part of the craze known as


People taking part photograph themselves lying face down in unusual locations.

People commenting on the photograph, which was posted on Facebook, said the stunt was brilliant but crazy, with one saying

“Mental case but awesome at same time best one iv (sic) seen so far well done but be careful bud!.”

The man in the photo replied:

“thanks bro add me plenty more to come.’ Suggesting that he has more outrageous stunts planned for the future.

Police condemned the act, calling it “foolhardy”. A spokesman for Tayside Police said:”Clearly there are inherent dangers associated with this type of behaviour. We would appeal to anyone who is thinking of participating in this perilous activity, to consider the possible consequences should they slip or fall.

“The belief that it’ll never happen to you is flawed. Tragic accidents can and do happen to people when they unnecessarily put themselves in harm’s way. They should consider the heartache that is caused to family and friends in the event of someone dear to them suffering fatal or life-altering injuries.

“‘These types of foolhardy actions also have the potential to put other’s lives at risk, not just members of the emergency services in the event of their being called to assist, but people close by who might step forward to help someone who is in difficulty.’ “

A Transport Scotland spokeswoman said:”While this would be a matter for the police, we would discourage any behaviour that compromises safety on the trunk road network.”

The Facebook page has a number of other outrageous poses, including people lying on top of a church and on the roof of a Tesco store.

The planking craze has already let to the death of at least one person when 20-year-old Acton Beale fell to his death after “planking” on a seventh-story balcony in Brisbane, Australia.


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