Businesses force tram repair delay


NINE months of work to repair cracks in the road surface around tram lines in Edinburgh’s main street have been delayed.

Princess Street was set to close from July so that a new surface could be laid around the lines.

But businesses in the city centre have now forced Edinburgh Council to postpone the start of the work until early September.

Dave Anderson, director of city development, said there were concerns about beginning the repairs before the full costs of the works are known. He said consultations with business owners had prompted the two month delay:

“We have taken the decision to postpone these works until after the summer festivals, in September,’ he said.

“Throughout this process it has been necessary to balance the need to address the problems inherent in Princes Street at present, whilst mitigating the impact that the works will have on the city, its businesses and its festivals.’

The city’s council leader Jenny Dawe said:

“There is no doubt that the remedial works on Princes Street are necessary and I am keen that we see as many results from mediation as quickly as possible. However, I think this small delay is prudent to take account of stakeholders’ views and until we’re in a position to fully understand the way forward for bringing trams into our city centre. “

Preparatory work for the resurfacing project is still expected to go ahead as planned this month. The city’s George Street and Charlotte Square will be resurfaced and temporary traffic measures will be put in place starting on Monday.

The nine months of work to resurface Princess Street is now due to begin on September 5.

It was revealed last year that the original tramlines had been damaged.

Experts speculated that weather, traffic and incorrect installation could have contributed to the problem.

Goods vehicles will only be allowed access to shops at night and bus services will be rerouted.

Contractors will use four

“planer’ machines to remove the road surface to a depth of 25cm. Two machines will work from each end than meet in the middle.

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