Injured red Squirrel kit rescued by SSPCA


By Kirsty Topping

Angus is being hand fed before being returned to the wild

THE SSPCA is caring for a baby red squirrel which suffered head injuries when it fell out of a tree.

The Kit, named Angus by the staff at the charity’s Wildlife Rescue Centre in Fife, was found by dog walkers curled up on a footpath in Nethy Bridge in the Highlands.

After spending the night at the Highlands and Islands Animal Rescue and Rehoming Centre in Inverness Angus was transferred into the care of Colin Seddon at the Wildlife Centre.

Angus is being cared for at the SSPCA’s Wildlife Rescue Centre

Colin said,

“Angus probably fell out of a tree as he is too young to be by himself.

“We think he sustained a head injury when he fell but we’re confident he’ll make a full recovery.

“He’s being syringe-fed four times a day and has just started eating solid food so we’re now keeping handling to a minimum.

“Angus will stay with us until he’s about ten weeks old and he’ll then be released back into the wild. “


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