Drunken school girl bites cop.


A POLICE officer needed antibiotics and a hepatitis jab after he was bitten by a drunk schoolgirl.

Nicole Abernethy, 16, attacked two officersafter she was found under the influence in Edinburgh.

She left one of the officerswith bloody punctures to his arm as a result of the bite attack.

The city’s sheriff court heard that Abernethy

“took offence’ when the officers told her they were going to take her home.

Abernethy admitted attacking constableJason Ferry by repeatedly punching him on the arms and body. She also admitted biting him.

During the incident in the city’s Northfield Drive, she also assaulted constable Keith Morrison. She admitted repeatedly punching and kicking him on the arms and body and scratching him.

Fiscal depute Bruce McCrossansaid: “Abernethy had come to be in police custody for having been found drunk.

“It was while police were making enquiries into the background of an apparent incident that she was told she was going to be taken home.

“She seemed to take offence at this and she lost her temper.

“Whilst being arrested she punched and kicked constable Ferry on his arms and body.

“She bit him whilst this was happening. She also repeatedly punched and kicked constableMorrison, who was another arresting officer.”

Constable Ferry was then taken to Edinburgh Royal Infirmary for treatment, added the fiscal.

He said: “The bite was approximately three centimetres round and a number of points had punctures and bleeding.”

The officer was also given a Hepatitis B booster and told to contact his GP for monitoring of possible infection, said the fiscal.

He was also put on a seven day course of antibiotics, said Mr McCrossan.

Abernethy’s defence agent Vincent Belmonte said she was a first offender.

Sheriff Isabella McColl called for social work reports and deferred sentence until next month.

Abernethy, whose address was listed in court papers as 14 Harbour Place, Portobello, committed the attacks on April 9.

Abernethy had denied entering a flat in Northfield Drive and shouting, swearing and causing alarm to members of the public.

She also pleaded not guilty to resisting and obstrucing the two constables by struggling violently with them.

And the teenager also denied shouting, swearing and struggling with custody staff at St Leonard’s police station.

The pleas to these allegations were all accepted by the Crown.

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