Andy Murray shows his steamy side for ad


By Kirsty Topping


The blonde spares Murray’s blushes

ANDY Murray is one of the few sports stars whose off-field antics rarely hit the headlines.

However the tennis ace has shown his racy side by stripping off and going full-frontal.

Luckily his modesty is preserved by a giggling blonde, who holds a Facebook

“Like’ symbol to spare his blushes.

The nude scene features in a new advert for Murray’s sponsors, Head, and invites fans to

“get closer’ to the British number 1 ahead of this summer’s Wimbledon tournament by signing up to Head’s Facebook page.

The film follows Andy through an ordinary day from breakfast to bedtime, with a series of run-ins with fans along the way.

Murray’s training session is gatecrashed by fans

Attempts at training are sabotaged by hundreds of fans, young and old, descending on the tennis court to show off their own skills, with one fan even taking a dive across the net.

After retiring to bed, Andy’s attempt at sleep are disturbed by another fan snoring loudly, while also sporting a

“Like’ symbol.

The video has already had almost 70,000 views since it was uploaded to Youtube on Sunday and has earned Head almost 84,000

“Likes’ on their Facebook page.

The saucy 1min 25sec clip follows the success of another Head-sponsored video on the sharing site, titled Andy Murray Tennis Street Magic In London, which was posted in the run up to last year’s Wimbledon.

A fan takes a leap over the net

More than 1.3million people have tuned in to watch that video, which shows the smiling Scot perform a series of amazing tennis feats.

Dunblane-born Murray is viewed as one of the most talented players to have graced a court and it is widely hoped he could be the first Briton to take the Wimbeldon men’s singles tennis title since Fred Perry, 75 years ago.

However, the competiton at the top of world tennis has never been so intense, with rare talents like Roger Federer, Rafa Nadal and Novak Djokovic frustrating Murray’s attempts to win a Major to date.

The latest online campaign by Head is seen as an attempt to showcase Murray’s personality. Friends say he is a popular figure on the tennis scene with a great sense of humour, but that is often lost in his public persona, dominated by on-court strops and monotone after-match interviews.

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